THE Cookin Monster

My Little Kithcen´s “Bulgogi Salad”



1. slice the beef met thinly

2. make the marinade

3. put the meat into the marinade – I left it in the fridge all night 🙂 cause I made it late in night

4. fry the meat quickly on pan and leave to cool



5. prepare the dressing for salad

6. slice pear ( I made a few slices of orange because I did not want to waste it 🙂 )

7. prepare the pomegranate seeds 🙂

8. cut all the vegies ( put them in cold water- in the programme they sad it enhances the crunchiness 🙂 )

9. mix all ingredients …. AND…..


Delicious looking and even better tasting BULGOGI SALAD 🙂


Soooooooo YUMMI 🙂

here is the link you can find there the recipe and video 🙂 :



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