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My little Kitchen´s Caramel Galbijjim

When I was deciding what to cook this time I thought about Dakgalbi and Galbijjim, but because of the amount of chilli and spice in Dakgalbi and my sister´s dislike for spicy food I decided this time to go for Galbijjim. On Arirang´s My Little Kitchen I saw this recipe and it looked so good…

Here is in short how I made it 🙂



1. clean the beef ribs

2. cut the meat into pieces like cubes

3. leave it in water for some time to get rid of the blood



Prepare the sauce/marinade

4. soiy sauce Shoyu

5. blend 1/4 of pear and green onion

6. ground some sesami seeds

7. mix all

8. add some oil (sesami) and some honey



9. take some clean cloth

10. take 1/4 of onion, leek, raddish, ginger and 2 cinnamon sticks and put them onto the cloth and make a little sack

11. first put the bones and then the meat into the pot ( you can use pressure pot if you have one :))

12. add the “spice sack” and pour in the sauce and add around 500ml water ( I added a bit more just in case)

13. cook – I do not have pressure pot so I cooked it for 2 1/2 hour



14. take out the “spice sack” and the bones  ( you do not have to but I did )

15. put in the vegies and cook another 10- 15 mins



16. test the meat – should be well cooked. really tender (in czech we would say “jako dort/like a cake” )

17. prepare the caramel from white sugar and pour it in the pot  and cook for just a bit more (few mins 🙂 )



18.  as an extra and for the look I fried some extra veggies – like leek, carrots, green onion also a piece of pear and some nuts

19. I served the foor and put the fried veggies as decoration 🙂


AND the result?









here link to the full recipe and the video :


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