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The exotic scents of Morroco : Beef Tajin/Tagine

Do you think that you have to travel to experience exotic places, smell exotic scents and taste local food?  Or do you think that if you dont travel the second best place is restaurant if you can find a good one? 

I dont think so… you can bring all the exotic scents and taste and colors to your home and let all those spice scents fill the house… You can smell the citrus like smell of coriandre, the amazing scent of cinamon and the smell of freshlyy ground pepper and also turmeric and many others… you can almost feel the heat of the sun and experience the sweetness combined with spiciness… Morrocain cuisine is probably one of those which are very diverse, colorful and full of scents of different spices and also one of those which are very distinctive. 

To experience a bit of Morroco and make my family taste something new and bring something exotic to our home I chose Morrocain Tagine and the recipe I got from my friend from Morroco and I combined his advices with youtube videos and internet cookig pages I found …


First what you need is mixture of spices called “Ras el hanout” or “The top of the store” which is mixture of spices ranging from 10 different types to even like 100 different spices. According to Jamie Oliver (whose recipe for Tajine also served as my guide and also his video which can instantly make you feel hungry the mixture is similar to Garam Masala which you can also use.. but I think that part of the fun and experience is to buy all the spices and make your own mixture, besides then you can really smell the smell of freshly ground spices . Among the spices are such awsome things like ginger, coriander, cinamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, turmeric or allspices but also mace or anyse … As another guide, apart from Jamie Oliver, to Tagine I used what my friends from Algeria and Morroco recommended a youtube channel called Sousou-kitchen and this video from that channel …

here you can find one passible recipe with measrements (served also as my guide especially for the measurements) : 

and here you can read some more about it and also see one recipe with measurements:

I combined both above and, another one which but I could not find it, made my “Ras el hanout” spice mix and thus I could smell the scent of Coriandre which reminds me of citrons and oranges and the strong tingly smell of freshly ground pepper and many other… 

So lets ground all that need to be ground in mortar (i used it 🙂 more fun seeing nad hearing the pepper do small pop :D) or grinder and mix it with the powdered spices to make that nice smelling mixture that brings you right to the exotic Morroco and shows you the amazing smells and sun behind it all … 



Again as guide to what kind of beef I should use I used Jamie Oliver´s recipe – cause really he is a pro so I think he knows what he is talking about 🙂 ( He said to use good stewing beef meat but to learn which type i googled some more and this is one of the pages where I learned what he meant by that . I used Chuck meat of the highest quality I could get in the store which means that it was also quit expensive  but i dont regret 🙂 

When you prepare the meat clean it as well as you can then cut into cube-like piece and then comes the “Ras el Hanout” spice mix, which you all sprinkle on the meat and mix well.. I used hands cause really in this case of mixing and massaging the spice int the meat hands are best because with hands you feel the meat and you can you gentle touches as well as more rough ones 🙂

When you mix it put a foil over the bowl and put in frige for at least over nigt 🙂 Image


Take out the meat from the frige and other ingredients :


fresh coriander ( if you have it if not use powdered one)

tinned chick peas

tinned chopped tomatoes

vegetable stock (homemade or organic from store) you could maybe use maggi or some spice like that too

squash/ or carrots

dried prunes/plums

dried apricots

flaked almonds

Fry the meat on medium heat just quickly for like about 5 mins add chopped onion and fry for maybe another 5 mins. Then add the chick peas and tomatoes and 400ml of water/ stock. Bring to boil then put down the heat and cook slowly for like 1 1/2 hour. Then add the squash or carrots ( some recipe talked also about sweet potatoes or regular potatoes) and also the prunes and pricots and add the rest of the stock/water  and stir it to mix all the ingredients together. Let it slowly cook for another 1 1/2 hour. Then you just have to keep an open eye in case it is a bit dry add some water and stir from time to time and check how is the meat. 




All throught the cooking process have the lid over the pan. 

When the time is up check the meat – if it is tender and more lika cake and falls apart really easily at just one gentle poke – and also the consistency of the sauce if it is a bit more liquidy let it cook for another few minutes maybe like 10 or 15 mins.

When it is done you can serve it with cous cous (which is the traditional morrocain way) or use bulgur or maybe even rice. I used bulgur because I simply could not find cous cous at home .. though I am pretty sure it is somewhere hidden 😀 

And as the last step sprinkle some almods over the Tagine to make it look even better .) 



Did you thnk that Morrocain Tagine is hard to make ? Now you can see how easy it actually can be, cause if I could make it you will ace it too .. Now you are ready to enjoy the sunny, full and exotic scents of Morroco and suprise your family or friends with this super delicious food which will take you to the sunny Morroco…

Bon Apetit




2 thoughts on “The exotic scents of Morroco : Beef Tajin/Tagine

  1. I have just mixed up a jar of this wonderful blend. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable article that spurs my interest in Moroccan cooking. I have just taken on cooking for a large household with varied tastes and dietary requirements, and I find a new spice blend is a welcome addition to my family kitchen. I am rubbing the spice mix into a pound of sandwich steak and will enjoy it very soon, broiled and sliced thin, with roasted tomatoes and tabouleh. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. Firstly I want to say that I am happy you feel excited about the spices and recipe because this is really amazing food and it opened my eyes about spices and truly showed me how amazing they are and that if you learn about them and learn to use them you can combine them in many ways 😀 now I am waiting for other recpes from my friends from morroco because really getting them from locals with tips and tricks is the best 😀 and secondly thank you for visiting and leaving comment 🙂

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