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Exfoliate throughly

My friends are often asking how i get the skin I have I always say that if you take care of your body you should do the same for you skin, because it is the biggest organ you have and it keeps you in the shape you have now.. So you have  to clean it and make sure it is hydrated and the more if there are some troubles like break out caused by stress and also bad eating or drinking habbits.

What I do instead of buying expensive scrubs each time I run out of them is making my own which is inexpensive and easy and you can keep it in container in your fridge.

An you dont even need many things to make it 🙂 But you have to keep in mind that all has to be in BIO quality and you have to bee sure of this, because if you scrub your skin clean you dont want any chemicals getting in contact with the freshly clean and for a while a bit sensitive skin… Also those would not be just any chemicals but that really bad kind made to kill any parasites on the trees or flowers and some other nasty stuff.. If you are not sure about it you should not use it for you skin, if you mix into the scrubb skin of fruits (citrons etc) wash them really well…

What you gonna need? 

Brown sugar – I use brown because of the texture, the clumpsof the sugar and grain may be bigger then regular white sugar and those bigger clumps and grain work better for me when i exfoliate my skin. I use 2 cups of the Brown sugar, yes it may seem like a lot but i keep the scrub in container in fridge 🙂

stažený souborimages

Extra Virgin/ Virgin Olive oil or Coconut oil – both have many benefits for your body health, skin and hair and both have many uses and not just in kitchen.  Around 1/4 of cup of olive or coconut oil.

50_of_the_best_uses_for_coconut_oil_image images (1)


Lemon –  I use the zest and juice too it helps with acne, scars and age spots. You will use the lemon entirelly – the zest of whole of the lemon and its juice which all will go intot the scrub.

stažený soubor (1)

Honey – because it helps against aging, helps to open pores and thus helps to unclog them and has also natual antibacterial effects  it also has moisturizing effect and helps to give you that bright glowy face. I dont add exact amount just enoough so it all sticks more together and forms a bit bigger clumps. I 1Ould say max 3 tablespoons 🙂 Sometime – that is when I ran out of honey- I dont add it and the scrib still works perfectly 🙂


Cinnamon – I also  cinnamon not always but most of the time not only it has amazing smell but it helps with eczema or acne. I almost never add exact amount of cinnamon 😀 but i would say it can e aroun 1 tablespoon 🙂



All you need is around you, just look and search for the stuff that neature offers and we just forgot how good it actually is not just for body but our skin too 🙂


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