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The importance of being HYDRATED !



Some may think what is so special about water? We have coke, and coffee and tea and many limonads  and beer etc.. well even those need water ..

But water is everywhere around us not just in drinks but in sky, flowers and also in US.. We are from bigger part made from water our body contains so much water that it may be surprising… We can go without food for longer time then we can go without water …

Now you may think – ok I need to drink water I will so what else?

What else?  Water is not good just for your body nad organs and health but it also helps you skin..

body of water


Avarage adult human body is composed of 60-70% of water, all our vital organs contain certain (different) levels. Water is the source of life, it helps your body to keep right temperature, to eliminate waste products from your body – in other words it helps your body to clean up , it is kind of like taking a bath from inside 🙂 – also helps to move the much needed nutrients through your body (via blood stream) to cells.

Who needs to stay hydrated the most? Children and elderly people of course – very young children may not have the reflex to drink when they feel thirst, but they also need water a lot more than adults and they may loose more water through skin; it is similar with elderly people their sensation of thirst decreases, the loss of water increases because their kidneys may not work efficiently…

Front image_drinking-water

Because you loose around 2,5 litres of water every day through skin (when you sweat) or through urine (the amount depends on where you live in which type of climate – the hotter is the climate the more water you loose and the more you need) so to balance out the loss you should drin around 2,5 litres per day to stay healthy…


Nothing good… Dizziness, headaches, inexplicable tiredness, decrease of mental awareness and many other…

When you are dehydrated your attention or concentration decrease by 13% and short term memory by 7% – drinking helps a lot , at least 6 or 8 glasses a day



  1.  start your day with cup of hot/warm water and squeeze in some lemon juice ( I do not like the taste of lemon that much I do really hate even just a bit warm water, but it is not like I need anymore water than I drink now 😀 – my daily amount is the size of small pond 😀 )
  2.  instead of coffe or alcohol drink water – why?- both act as diuretics and cause body to loose more water ( which I think is known fact – the reason why my body does not like coffe and is completely satisfied with just one glass of wine or one coctail :)) if you like to drink coffe or tea you can ask for a  glass of water
  3.  Have water  constantly available through the day – I always have a bottle of water (at least 1litre) with me, if you are one of those people who drink less during day keep it somewhere where you can always see it like on your desk ( you can trust me thatif you keep one bottle with you – espetially somewhere where you can see it – it will encourage you to drink more )
  4.  You can try to created some tipe of drinking routine or shedule – at least one glass before each meal and during each meal ( with all the technologies now you can put reminder into your phone or iphone, tablet or whatever you use or you can simply put a little note into your planner or the “To do list” in your planner 🙂 )
  5.  Fruits and vegetables are great sources of water. Be sure to eat these daily, not only to stay hydrated, but to maintain optimal health.. here is a link where you can find how many % ofwater some fruits or vegetables contain : Water in fruits and vegetables
  6.  If you start to feel hungry havea bit of cold water – I do this all the time when I start to feel a bit hungry
  7.  Drink even if you are not thirsty – when you are thisty you body has already lost a lot of water



Water, of course along with sufficient diet, plays an essential role in healthy digestion. Water is key in keeping your body healthy and fuctioning.


Dehydration, even the smallest, lowers the levels of your energy, it can aslo make you feel depressed. Water moves oxygen and nutrients, also vitamins and minerals to your cells, carries wastes and toxins out of your body and many other things…And because your body depends on water for so many things even a mild hydration leaves your body tired..



You do not need to invest a lot of money and buy the most expensive beauty products to keep their skin hydrated, looking young and to improve the elasticity of skin but maybe you just forget to drink properly…

Skin is the largest organ you have in your body and like all other requires water…  Without water your skin becomes dry, tight and flaky and dry skin may be less resilient and more prone to wrinkling. Water makes your skin look and feel healthier and reduces signs of aging. But because water first reaches your internal organs before it gets to your skin you need to drink a lot of water to see any results…

I can tell that this is really true because I drink a lot of water ( so much that even my doctors say that ay other human – without kidney disease like mine- could “drown” well I guess that around 12 to 16 litres per day is really a lot of water :D) but my skin does not get tight  or dry ( except in winter when it sometimes gets dry) and I hardly ever have acne or other skin problems…

Water drinking also reduces dark circles – I do not have any, except when I party all night. Dark circles are a result of dehydration or improper nutrition ( or both). If you just have healthy and balanced diet it will take a long time for your dark circles to get better but if you combine balanced and healthy diet and regular drinking it will be much easier…

I know how important it is to stay hydrated espetially with my disease and all…I was drinking my third or fourth bottle of water one day when I saw my sister with a bottle of water and I asked her if it is another one, but she said that is still the same one as last night. When I looked at the bottle only maybe half of it was empty ( bottle of 1,5litre) and realised that even after telling her how important it is or trying to teach her to keep drinking more it did not help much… And I realised that there can be more people like that so I decided to gather as much information as possible and make a post… I know it is longer and I know that you can get those information on internet or in library but I just wanted to do this post and it also helped me revise my information and get new ones…

useful links:

http://naturalhydrationcouncil.org.uk/hydration-facts/healthy-hydration-glasses/– here you can find some useful sheets and pictures with explanations 🙂


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