THE Cookin Monster

The yummy healthy: Banana pancakes

When I thought about writing this post I did not know where to put it under “for beauty freakz” or “the cooking monster”? You may ask why? Well this is cooking small quick and yummy but also healthy and I personally think that whatever has got to do with beauty has also a lot to do with health πŸ™‚
When you feel good and healthy you also easily have good mood and you feel prettier and happier πŸ™‚
But in the end I decided to put it under “the cooking monster” because like I said it is cooking πŸ™‚

Banana pancakes :


Three bananas
Two whole eggs
16-20 tsp of oat bran ( works kind of instead of flour)
Coconut flakes or powdered nuts whichever you like
Agave syrup or honey

Instructions – just mix it together best is to do it in food processor then it will looks somewhat like this


Then heat up a pan and pour some oil in it and then the “dough”


To know when your pancakes are ready just shake the pan a bit if your pancakes glide over the pan you can turn them over knowing they are ready


When they are done just put them on plate


When you serve them you can make sort if dip for them
Just use some plain white low fat yoghurt, agave syrup (if you want the dip sweeter or you did not add too much in the pancakes)  and coconut flakes or grounded nuts πŸ™‚


I tried to make these with blueberries and strawberries first mixing them in the mixture which for me didnot work much. But then I tried making the mixture and frying for a bit and letting it come up a bit and then putting on some of the fruits like blueberries and strawberries which worked
So what do u think? I think it looks yummy πŸ˜€

Bon appetite πŸ™‚
Stay healthy



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