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Lets get a bit Frenchy with FRENCH ONION SOUP




   After such a long time I finally had some time to cook again and i was thinking what to cook.. something that would be light but still could be delicious and maybe something that would not take all day too cook and maybe was not expensive in sense of very expensive ingredients…. Something you can cook almost anytime you want because ingredients are not just inexpensive but they are also easy to get in any store … 



   So I picked Fench onion soup 🙂

Ingreadience you might need in case you want to cook this meal for foour people? 

500g onions – you can use also 400g of regular yellow onion and 100g red onion

80g butter

20g plain flour

1litr of vegateble stock

75g of grated ementa

1 egg yolk

2 table spoons of cream

4 slices of french baguatte – i had 8 cause i Put 2 in each bowl


Now lets make the soup 😀 

Lets take bigger pot and throw in the butter and let is melt down. I love the smell of melted butter and like olive oil butter can make food taste completely different … makes the taste softer …




When the butter is melted throw in the onions and let them saute for a bit till they soften a bit and then slowly on small fire let them fry till they get nice golden color…





 Meanwhile you can take care of our nice french baguette…  Just slice it or you could use white bread too and then put it in oven or u can put it in pan but in any case dont use oil or butter…

Fry it till it gets a bit gold color, till it does that you should grate emental and mix it with two spoons of cream and one egg yolk and then put the mixture on the baguettes..


When the onion gets golden color pour over it 1litr of veggie stock and cok for about 15 mins also dont forget salt and freshly ground pepper .. 🙂 




 Pour the soup into bowl and put the baguette in the soup and let it bake for just a bit in oven to melt the cheese…

or u can put the baguettes alone in oven and bake them for a little while and when u take them about put one or two into each bowl with soup.



Whats interesting is that this is not just easy but the soup has nice kind of seet flavor and i think it doesnt smell like onions that much… i tasted and smelled butter and veggie stock  and maybe a bit sweet smell of onions…

Now all i can say is .




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