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MagnaMINTY mask by LUSH


Maybe two weeks ago i got my little LUSH order and – I got Mask of Magnaminty and 9to5 cleaning milk and five little samples like Vanishing cream and Celestial and others.

i know that probably many people before me did a sort of review on one or all of those but i think another opinion wont hurt anyone and everyone is different for some it work for others not and other have to combine it with some other products.

First I decided to try out and watch the effects of MASK of MAGNAMINTYย because it really caught my attention the most when all the things arrived. Another reason was that I was experiencing skin troubles like breakouts and stuff and products that I use normally were not helping as much as they used to before so I was looking for something new that could help me even if I had to combine them with other…


To tell u truth I am not fan of mint and its smell much and i dont even like mint cewing gums and mint tooth paste but I guess those are one of those little evils of life you can not really avoid … So when i actually smelled the mask I cant say I liked it all that much .. I wasnt impressed really..

But I bought it so I wanted to try it and se what happens if it helps or not and if i have to combine it with something or not ..

I did not actually expect anything great I heard something about this mask but it already happened to me that I heard great things about some products but they did not work as well as I expected them to work .. But well like I said nothing works the same for everyone …


I was actually surprised to see the acne going away even after the first use .. The acne was smaller somehow and skin less red.

my skin was not even feelimg dry ans itchy like after some of the masks or peelings used for acne on contrary it felt sofr smooth and clean .

When washing the mask it is advised to use slow cirling motions and when u do it I think the mask kind of acts as peeling wash too at least my skin feels almost like after peeling just that it is not red and rough but clean soft and calmed ..

I did not even have to combine it with my Yves Rocher cream i use for acne or with the Vanishing cream sample I had to make the acne start to disapear .. But it is true that the vanishing cream or Yves Rocher cream or evn my Nivea mixed with tea tree oil nad other oils make the result more visible but I would say the mask all alone works perfect for me .

I even started to like the minty smell, but i guess i would like even garlic on my face if that helps and let me tell u I never had serious trouble and even these were not serious just very persistant ๐Ÿ˜€

Actually dont know what would be worse bad troubles or persistant ones ๐Ÿ˜€

But this mask sure helps and so does the vanishing cream so Im seriously considering buying it just after i try the other samples too to see if any other works good too or even better

All I can say for this mask/peeling is BUY it go for ย it cause I think it is one of the best things that I ever tried ๐Ÿ™‚

I can only recommend this ๐Ÿ™‚


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