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New Year’s Eve BOMBASTIC Muffins !

I plan to spend the New Years Eve with friends and I thought it would be good idea to bring some little food with me as sort of thanks that I can stay over and that we will be all together..
So I thought that it could be good to sweeten the end of old and beginning of the old year with some muffins.. πŸ™‚

What you need ?
220 g of flour
100 g of granulated sugar
130 ml of oil – please remember that it is just regular oil no olive one u dont want your muffins to smell like olives πŸ˜€
170 ml of kefir milk – i didnt find any other expression for it but its the thicker kind of sour milk
2 whole eggs
2 table spoons of cocoa – if you want to make dark cocoa ones if not just skip this one πŸ™‚
Baking powder
And dark chocolate for cooking

What now?

Just mix all the igredients together into dough  and mix it well till its really mixed and there are no lumps …



Prepare small moulds I used silicon ones and inside i put two of these paper cups with snowmen motive to make them cuter and more winter like πŸ™‚
Fill in the cups but remeber not all the way to the brim cause the dough while baking will pop up cause of the baking powder so leave about 1cm space between the dough and the brim of the cup


Before you put them into oven preheat the oven on 200Β°C and then put the muffins into the oven for 30mins  before taking them out of oven stick a toothpick into at least one muffin to check if they are really done – if they are not done the toothpick will be sticky and covered in dough…



And because in my opinnion muffins need some topping so i made this butter cream too to decorate them with later…but I guess u can leave them with mo cream too or do any other cream you like for example one from curd cheese is also pretty good and you can mix in some berries if you like and leave the curd cheese cream a bit less sweet to contrast with the sweet muffins πŸ™‚


Wish yopu sweet and happy new year wherever you will be and whatever you will do or eat πŸ™‚


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