Miscellanous Bits n Pieces

SoeTaiji “2004 ETPFEST – COME BACK HOME“ on YouTube

Check these guys out ..they are amazing i really dont know how it is possible that i found them now and not earlier …
I have goosebumps and i think their music is absolutelly amazing mixing all kinds of genres and havkng this huge range from ballads to metal from pop to rap..probably everything you can think about it ..
And if you have problem with them being korean and that you wont understand well use the thing valley internet to find lyrics and their translations or just enjoy absolutelly amazing music and go with the flow of it 🙂
This is maybe the best thing just listen and feel it and let it everything be ..dont think too much 🙂
You dont need to understand words everytime to love something …
Just feel with your heart …


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