Art of my Heart


I do not see unicors nor rainbows

All I see is rutine and

My heart breaks apart

And it is not jigsaw

You can easily solve

Broken hearts bleed and die

Slowly and painfully

The only place I can run to


Full of melodies and colors

Life is slowly flowing, slipping


Full of passion, desire and life

I want to run away and hide

I was stupid

Thought that hints would be enough

To say what I want

But i wknew I have to go after it

But I listened and was scared

What if Β I do not succeed

Now I feel like it is too late

But I want to try

And see

Because my heart is breaking in two

And I feel like running

Never returning

I want to sleep

Because breaking hurts

So please Save Me

Even if

You have to

Kill Me


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