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Big girls cry


Sia is one of my most favorite singers and her songs always hit me in heart and  sometimes it makes me feel whole lot of emotions that are  hard to keep under control and I admit that sometimes it makes me want to cry.
But nevertheless I think that one thing art should definitely do is make you feel something, incite some reaction in you be it good or happy one or bad and sad one. Sometimes the bad may be even better because people often rememebr the bad that happened longer than the good and so when you do not like some art piece or it makes you feel sad it might be easier to talk about it even after a while, also most of the time when you like something the reasons are harder to explain and you end up saying “I just like it”.


Not to say that my reaction to Sia’s songs is good not at all, like I said I love it, but sometimes the emotions it makes me feel could be labeled as ” not all good” or “not the happy ones” but that is maybe because I can easily relate to some of the words or all of them.


Eventhough it seems like sometimes the songs do not make much sense, they actually do, but you should not really use your brain and common sense but rather your heart, because your brain says “does not make sense” but your heart “i understand” and like Pablo Picasso said “the chief enemy of kreativity is good sense” and even for interpreting and understanding art you need to be creative.


And this song is about something common or good sense says is not necessary for grownup people and it is better to mask it – emotions. Something child would openly show but a grownup bude behind smile as if nothing is happening.
But masking what you feel is not good and then you might want to drown it in “glass of champagne” and hope it will “wash all the things” that happened.
Maybe if you let yourself cry even if it is over a song it might help ..just a tiny bit …
And this song is absolutely amazing to just listen to or maybe even cry over because I think it speaks about pains we all might feel

And here is the direct link to YouTube video for those who want to listen:


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