THE Cookin Monster


When it comes to cooking French cuisine belongs among the “TOP 10” so to speak, full of amazing intricate easy or hard to make foods that are delicious or even bizzare things you would never think of but those are equally as delicious as all the other (when i speak about bizzare things i mean bouillabaise since i am not really a fan of all those weird sea stuffs .. :D)

And some of the things are really hard to make -my experience with makin suffle comes to mind (canyou even call it suffle when it look more like sponge rather than anything else? :D) but some really pretty easy actually like Coq au vin ( you might not believe it but let’s say that you put everything into one pot and let it cook and cook until the meat is soft ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and i would say making Confit is also easy really …

Confit is special french methode used for meat but also fruits. Basically it is conserving methode usually in sealed up jars. It is also methode used to slowly and for a long time cook meat without the need to conserve it in any other way and the taste of a meat cooked in such a way is amazing.

You will need :

8pcs of duck tights (or chicken if not duck)

1kg lard (pork or duck)

0,7l of red wine

1 shalotte or red onion



Pepper black

Put the tights into a bigger pot pour over the lard and wine and throw in the shallot or red onion, thyme, Salt and pepper (be careful not to over do it with salt and pepper).


I used oven preheated on 150ยฐC. Put the pot into the oven (better covered with lid oraluminium foil) for three hours (or till the meat is cooked and so soft and tender that just a little jab into it and it will fall off the bones and will be like a cake ๐Ÿ™‚ ).



You could cook it on stove probably too but i did not have kitchen thermimetr to check the temperature because as easy as it is I think this is like everything in french cuisine the temperature has to be exact 150ยฐC.

And the meat is amazing, tender and not at all dry and tastes a bit after the thyme and wine and reminds me a bit of the taste of Coq au vin. This is great to use into pates which i also did and I will make a post about it soon.

Hope you will try this and see for yourself that however hard French cuisine may be and however much it sometimes reminds us of alchemy with the precise measurements of all the ingredients and hard ย techniques and many steps, you have nothing to fear since there are also meals done in one pot that are easy and equally as delicious.

Enjoy your homemade Confit.


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