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The exotic tastes of east : Humous

I mentioned in the articles about Tajin that the east has amazing spices and mixures that are rare in western cuisines and can instantly take you into far away into the marked in east.

And humous is simple and similar.

You will only need :

Tahini paste



Olive oil




You do not have tahini paste? Do not be worried you can still have homemade just make your own paste.

All you need is 1 cup of sesami seeds a pan on which you will roast them and olive or regular oil. When the seeds are roasted put them in food processor and process them and slowly add oil.


And voila you have your own homemade tahini paste. That was easy right? πŸ™‚

And making humous is also very easy. Just takΓ© the chickpeace and put it into water overnight. Then just drain the water pour in clean water and cook for one hour or until it is soft.

Put the drained chickpeace into food processor and process and add tahini paste, salt, pepper and process again. Add the garlic 1-3 cloves and some cumin and process again till everything is blended. Slowly add in the oil until it is all smooth. And do not forget to taste it in the process to adjust the taste but also do not forget that the taste of garlic will be stronger with time so do not add too much.


And here is your homemade humous and now you can enjoy it with some fresh vegetables.

Hope you will like your homemade humous and enjoy it as much as i did πŸ™‚


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