Miscellanous Bits n Pieces

Like many girls I also love make up and I do not like when people say it makes you look like someone else or like you are wearing a mask or that it is fake.
Of course the world as it is now through all sorts of media sort of teaches us that if we do not look certain way or do not dress certain way or if we do not look perfect we are not pretty.
People look for perfection and like perfectionist, they always have.
But i think that this attitude towards makeup is wrong, i think that make up does not malรฉ you pretty but it is there to enhance what is already pretty or what you think is pretty and what you like about yourself – do you have big eyes or do they have extraordinary color?
If it make you to be someone else? I dont think so, for me it makes me be more myself, I love colors like those i have in my hair and make up helps me bring more color into my life, makes my life more playful..
And it makes me feel like i can somehow without words tell world how i feel – if i have bright happy mood i wear bright happy colors, or if i feel more feminine or want to add some glam to what i am wearing or if i feel bold i wear bold lip color or nice red or plum color.
Sometimes it gives me confidence especially in days when i not only look like shit – because i was up latฤ› studying or doing homework- but i also feel like shit- same reason lack of sleep.
And other times i just do not wear any make up and i feel like myself too..and all these selves are still me and just because they look slightly different does not mean they are masks but they are just different parts of me that resurface every now and then ..
And whe speaking about masks you do not need makeup but you can just be in different situation and you put on a mask, every self you show to your family, friends, collegues, and just everywhere but that does not mean that it is someone else it is just a part of you that you resevrve for someone ..and for me make up does the same thing – every look allows different part of you to come out and parts tto mixand merge together…

I just love make up as a form of art whether it is casual, for special ocassions or whether you are really putting on a mask of your favorite hero from series of books or TV series or whether you want to look like a famous actor or a creepy doll, whether you do it only for fun or because you are heading to halloween party and you want to hear “wow”

Whether you wear makeup or not does not matter, what matters if you feel good wearing it or not and also you should just do what you want because it is your life and your face..if you like makeup wear it if not do not .. Make up is fun it is a play and full of colors ๐Ÿ™‚


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