Miscellanous Bits n Pieces

My new handmade facemask ..
I made it today because lately die to stress and less sleep my skin isnt in good condition and its drier and had quite a few blemishes and breakouts so i looked around youtube and internet and found some interesting stuff and soft of combined it together ..
I knew about benefits of lemon juice or coconut milk/oil/cream and youghurt but i had no idea about turmeric and rice syrup
So i did this :
1 table spoon of rice syrup
Juice from one lemon
2 teaspoons of coconut cream
1 table spoon of plain white youghurt
1 table spoon of turmeric

Since its for skin then everything should be the highest quality ..
Iam just trying this thing out and today used it for the first time ..the skin is a bit tingly and i have to say i freak out a bit since the turmeric sticks to the skin and makes it yellow but rinsing it really well and cleansing it with cleaner will get rid of that
I wanted to try it since everyone was so going on about turmeric
I hope it will help my skin #diyfacemask #diymask
#turmericskinmask #betterskin #homemademask #diybeauty #diycare


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