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Turmenic face mask

So I was doing some research about anti-redness treatment because lately due to stress and less sleep my skin got somewhat bad – drier due to Winter, more breakouts and redness due to stress (i know it is stress since it always happens around times I have more stress like around exam time).
So i made a little research and found some stuff I knew and some that was new to me or even surprised me ..like that you can use turmeric for face mask and I did not even know that turmeric has so many potential benefits for your skin – like curing redness, inflamation, acne, fighting eczema, dark spots and under eye circles, unwanted facial hair and even wrinkles.

The thing I love about this mask is that it is all-natural and very cheap even if you buy organic products ( which you should since your are using it directly on your skin) or even if you buy bigger amount of it since all of it can be eaten and used in cooking.

And before you use it even if it is all-natural and organic, first try this mask try it on small patch of skin just in case you might have some reaction because you never know … and you do not want to have any skin problems that would require a doctor.

So what you will need is:

1 or 2 teaspoons of turmeric

2 or 3 tablespoons of plain yoghurt

2 teaspoons of coconut cream/milk/oil

1 table spoon of honey/ rice syrup (or both like me and I used 1 table spoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of rice syrup)

juice from one lemon

Mix it all well and store in fridge.

Coconut oil hydrates skin and gives it quite a lot of antioxidants to stay healthy, smooth and look younger and it also helps skin to get rid of dangerous toxins. The coconut cream is probably even better because it does not contain fats and has power to replenish skin and give it youthful glow. It is best from younge coconuts but either way try to find the best product you can and even better if its again organic.

Youghurt is one of the good things in your fridge that are not good just for inside but also outside – skin. It contains lactic acid, that dissolves Β dead skin cells so it works like very gentle exfoliator but not only that is helps to give your skin natural glow, prevent break outs and diminishes appearance of lines and wrinkles.. so YAY for yoghurt too πŸ™‚Β 

I have already talked about turmeric, coconut oil and cream and yoghurt and now it will be all about lemon juice benefits.

Lemon juice helps to fight scar ( acne scars and other) and age spots it also helps to heal acne and exfoliates and it also may brighten your skin and help you fightwith wrinkles.

Now onto honey honey is good for your body because it contains many vitamins like thianin, riboflavin, niancin, biotin, panthotenic acid, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E, it contains calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, slenium or manganese. Even in history honey used to be blended with herbs and people said it helps eyesight, help with weight loss, or even cure impotence and athletes would eat honey to enhance their endurance level and help fight muscle fatigue ( so it is good for all those of you who work out a lot πŸ™‚ ) and it also helps to reduce risk of heart diseases and cancers and regulate sugar levels. But it has many many benefits to skin, it helps against aging and moisturizes skin and also contains many antioxidants that have anti-microbial properties and can help protect skin from UV rays. It absorbs and retains moisture and thus keeps skin hydrated and fresh and keeps skin youthful, radiant and smooth ( i can agree 1000% because my skin feels like baby skin really no kidding here πŸ™‚ )

I think in its ingredients this mask combines a lot of good stuff for your skin and all the things in it really helped my skin and just after two uses the difference is really visible and even more co combined with the other stuff I used like the brown sugar scrub, the honey mask and the oat meal and banana mask ( about those I will talk in other post )

I am not beauty bogger or anything but I just wanted to share my discoveries and how wonderful the effect on skin were. I hope that you will find something helpful that will maybe help your skin.

Just two things:Β 

dont freak out if your skin is yellow just continue washing your face I promise it is not permanent πŸ™‚

dont freak out at smell it is not the nicest since there is lemon, turmeric, yoghurt and honey but we have to endure because of our skin πŸ™‚


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