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The oatmeal and banana mask

This time I am going to talk about oatmeal and banana mask 

it contains :

one small banana

½ cup of oat meal (which you can soak in water as if to make porrige but you do not have to)

2 tablespoons of honey

juice from one lemon

2-3 teaspons of coconut cream ( coconut oil if you have no cream)

2 table spoons of plain yoghurt

Mix the oatmeal and yoghurt together – it is best to mix them in food processor. Then add the small banana and blend again. Add lemon juice, honey and coconut cream or oil and mix again. Store in fridge of course because it can get spoilt.

And now onto why it contains this stuff ..it is because …

Coconut oil hydrates skin,is full of antioxidants that make skin look healthy, smooth and look younger and it also helps skin to get rid of dangerous toxins. The coconut cream is probably even better because it has power to replenish skin and gives it youthful glow. 

Youghurt is one of the good things in your fridge that are not good just for inside but also outside – skin. It contains lactic acid, that dissolves  dead skin cells so it works like very gentle exfoliator but not only that is helps to give your skin natural glow, prevent break outs and diminishes appearance of lines and wrinkles.. so YAY for yoghurt too 🙂

Lemon juice helps to fight scar ( acne scars and other) and age spots it also helps to heal acne and exfoliates and it also may brighten your skin and help you fightwith wrinkles.

Honey, i know I talked about it before in the post about turmeric mask but i have to repeat it ibecause it is really great stuff. Honey is one of the best things you can find because it is  good for your body because it contains many vitamins like thianin, riboflavin, niancin, biotin, panthotenic acid, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E, it contains calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, slenium or manganese. Even in history honey used to be blended with herbs and people said it helps eyesight, help with weight loss, or even cure impotence and athletes would eat honey to enhance their endurance level and help fight muscle fatigue ( so it is good for all those of you who work out a lot 🙂 ) and it also helps to reduce risk of heart diseases and cancers and regulate sugar levels. But it has many many benefits to skin, it helps against aging and moisturizes skin and also contains many antioxidants that have anti-microbial properties and can help protect skin from UV rays. It absorbs and retains moisture and thus keeps skin hydrated and fresh and keeps skin youthful, radiant and smooth ( i can agree 1000% because my skin feels like baby skin really no kidding here 🙂 )

The new stuff here is Oats.. The ancient Egiptians and Arabs already used the oats in their skin care and Greeks and Romans enjoyed oat baths to heal skin. Cooked oats help to heal acne because they will absord extra oil and bacteria and it also exfoliates dry dead skin cells. Oat also helps with dry and dull skin because they contain polysacharides which become gelatinous in water and form a protective film on skin and helps fight dry skin symptoms like itchiness, rashes, scales or peeling and other. It also acts as natural skin moisturizer because it removes the dried and dead skin cells and beta-glucan that forms a film on your skin then protects it  and helps moisturize it. It also helps with healing wounds and improves collagen depostion and activates immune cells in your skin ( i consider acne wounds and they might be cause by stress or bacteria so the immunity is good thing also 🙂 ). It is good for all of you who have really dry skin because it is clinically effective in healing dry and itchy skin and has anti-inflamatory properties. It also helps lighten your skin,improve your skin tone and texture by smoothing out blotchy areas.

And in all the excitement I would almost forget about the poor little banana. Potassium in banana helps hydrate your skin, B vitamin protects against free radicals that cause stress and premature aging, vitamin A heals dry skin, it also fades acne scars and dark spots and smooths out aging skin, zinc fight acne causing germs ( noone wants those really), vitamin C helps produce collagen, fights free radicals and also hels oil control, vitamun E protects skin from UV damage and slows down aging process, lecitin also helps destryo bacteria that cause acne and pimples and amino acid nourishes skin, strenghtens connective tissues and maintains skin elsaticity and strenght.

I know that I repeat stuff you might have heard or that I already said but repetition helps to remember things and it is even better if this helps with condition of your skin.

And I will reapet myself once more because just using it once made a difference and combining it with my new honey mask and my turmeric mask and the honey and sugar scrub made the results even better 🙂 


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