Art of my Heart

I was told…

I was told Mamma knows best

it was the world´s longest word fest.

But you know what I have a piece of my mind to voice

and I know that nobody is perfect

but I am gonna step out of my shadow.

Who are you to tell me what to do, who to be,

what to think, what to do, how to talk abd walk and

when to smile.

I´ll stand up talk with head heald high and I will not listen to any sweet talker

to tell me how to fly,

because I am my own, Iam the best, 

I am the leader of my success.

Now it is my party and I can freely breathe,

be the wild hero and let it all out with

thunder and big bang bang.

Excuse my rude but I am telling you now, warning you

get ready cause I am gonna conquere the world.

Fire is burning up inside me and I am feeling

alinve and free and only now

I am finally feeling myself.

I said too much but I cannot stop now

the night is still young and I want some more

cause now I am younr leader  the hungry champion ready to win again

and not afraid to do it  like dude.

I am tough lady the beautiful sinner

and the number one winner

I will get my starships

ready to fly far and high.

Really I said too much but there is still one more thing

that is left for me to say,

this is for those who laughed at me once

I am asking you: 

who´s laughing now…

P.S.: please look closely, this is not just “poem” but also hide and seek with music 😉


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