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Like in the song Oh honey honey

Ok I promise that this will be the last time …

Just so you know the story …Lately my skin was not behaving well because of stress and weather I think so I was out online searching for things all-natural that would help with acne, acne scars, moisturizing and exfoliating skin, and just make it look healthy glowy and smooth..and I found all stuff about turmeric and turmeric face mask ( see post from two weeks ago I think) and also about oats and oatmeal mask and bananas..

There are miracle products like Oats, Coconut oil and cream and honey of course …

In this mask you need:

3-4 table spoons of honey

1-2 teaspoons of nutmeg

1-2 teaspoons of cinamon

lemon juice from half of lemon

2 teaspoons of cocnut cream or oil


Heat the honey add all the other ingreadients but wait with the coconut cream till its not too hot. Mix well and you can either apply when it is still warm or wait till it cools a bit more and is thincker.

Ok this time I will not repeat all the things about honey you can see the post from before.  But there are newbies here ..

Cinamon has actually been used for centuries in Asian cutures and India. It helps maintaining healthy skin, remedy skin related diseases and infections. It plumps skin and thus helps with reducing lines, because it stimulates blood vessels and brings blood to surface of skin ( you can try mixing it with some lip balm and use it to plump your lips a bit more 🙂 ) When combined with honey it can be also used to help with eczema and provide relief. it helps with acne when you use it over night because it dries out the scars and this helps your skin. It also works like antiseptic ( honey is good at this too) because it just kills bacteria so you can use it on small minor cuts and they will heal faster ( again I would consider acne a little wound too as it can be open too and cause by bacteria ). It also seems to increase leves of colagen in skin for around six hours after it is applied, withou collagen skin looses elasticity and the signs of aging may show sooner. Extract or powder from cinamon act as good exfoliator and remove dead skin cells and this restores shine and supplenes of skin

With cinamon always test it on small patch of skin just to make sure you wont have any bad reaction to it.

Nutmeg helps prevent diseases, antioxidants in nutmeg help not just skin but your body too, it can be used as aphrodisiac ( it has been used as one for ages and has many hormon stimulating properties). The eugeno contained in nutmeg helps with toothache and fresh nutmeg helps fight nausea, the iron in nutmeg helps improve the red blood cells levels in our blood and copper in it helps with maitaining blood pressure. But apart from this all it is also goodfor skin as it helps maintaining healthy and glowy skin smooth skin, it helps remove and heal acne and helps fight skin infection and signs of aging because of all antioxidants and antibacterial properties. It also helps to maintain shiny and healthy hair, reduces hair fall.

I knew about honey and cinamon even lomen as I have been using honey scrub and I would sometimes add pinch of cinamon and I use cinamon lip scrub and for skin I also use ( not always but once a week) argan and lemon tea tree and rose oil so I was aware of some of the benefits of lemon.

But I would never think about nutmeg or banana or oats.

And I can swear that after one use of turmeric mask the effects were visible and next day when I started my new improved routine of :

1. honey scrub

2.  turmeric mask

3. oats and banana mask

4. honey mask

finished by my regular cream. The skin was so smooth that it was hard to even believe it and acne or its scars were reduced to just little tiny redish dots and those were gone by next morning …

This is really amazing and I think that I will be doing it twice a week since final exams are coming and there wil be more stress so if nothing I want at leats helathy looking skin 🙂


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