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Beauty is truth and truth beauty

                     Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
                   Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

                                            – John Keats

 I want to talk about beauty – in general, beauty of body, maybe even beauty standards and all these things .. Why? because I was on youtube and was watching some videos like Vice, Buzzfeed and also StyleLikeU and videos from theire “The What’s Underneath Projject” 

I was always thinking about fashion and beauty, because Iam a girl and I love fashion and art, both are ways of expressing yourself to “general public”, it is a way of saying who you are… I was thinking about it since I was kid I think, even though I probably did not realise it … I rarely felt myself, in my style, clothes and body when I was young …

Only recently I started to feel myself thanks to my amazing hair stylist who is up for any extravagance that i want to try, any kind of cut, coloring and what not and I finaly found my style (though money still remains an issue sometimes – I am speaking clothes here – you know students have it hard) .. and since I met my hairstylist I feel more and more myself every time I leave her hair salon  I am smiling and happy and I really feel great… Everytime I tell my family what I plan to do next with my hair they look at my as if I was crazy, as if it was something weird, as if it mattered what I did with my hair… ( and I am not complaining when I tell them about it I actually watch their reaction and find it fiunny how they look sometimes like little gold fish)

Everytime I see how my family looks at me- as if I was weird or later on as if I was brave-even all those times i get called edgy and brave by my friends for what I can do with my hair, or because I can wear bold lip stick or bold eye makeup, or all those times my friends tell me that they can not do the same because people would look at them weirdly.. I ask why?

Why can not we wear anything and everything? Why would it seem weird? Why should it bother us what others think about us? Is it wrong if we try to express ourselves  even in the most weirdest ways? Why some people can do it and some can not?

We want to fit in maybe because ever since human came to exist it was in his and her nature to live in community and each community defined its own rules and what and why is acceptable … they always defined roles and rules and only selected people got to, in a way, break from these rules and deviate…

It used to be royalty and gentry who could wear extravagant clothes not because they would all be extremely creative but because they could simply afford it and above them was noone who would tell them that they are weird or breaking rules, noone exept God and many believed their power not only came from God but that they are little gods..

Now we do not have royalty but stars and celeberities who today have almost the same role for us. We believe that only these people are perfect and beautiful enough to wear or do certain things . We put them on pedestal and made ourselves believe that we can not do the same thngs, we put them on pedestal for their talent, courage to go for what they want and other things. But it is not their talent not even their beauty that makes it possible for them to wear even the most extravagant things, it is their courage and belief that they can pull it of, that they look good in it, it is their self-esteem and confidence in what they do, it might be the fact that they do not care what others think about them because what matter is if they feel good and if they do then they will look good…

For some reason even now, with this modern kind of royalty, we believe that not everyone can dress the way they want because not everyone can afford to be different – and i do not mean money- or maybe it is especially now  we want to believe it, because we are redefining roles and rules – and let’s face it it is kind of confusing..

We are redefining not just art and fashion but also sexuality and genre and genre roles and even though we are learning that we do not have to be who we are told to be or who are told we can or have to be “we still allow ourselves to be dictated to by everybody else”  like Olivia Cambell said in StyleLikeU video. We still believe that we do not have choice and that only selected few do have a choice.

But we do have choice, we can just let others dictate who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to wear and do or we can try to find who we really are and what we are comfortable with.. IF we do this we may find that yes in fact we want to be like everyone else because it gives us the secure feeling that we not only fit in but belong to certain group or we will find out that no we like to do and wear different things not only because we think we are different or even extraordinary but because we feel it is saying who we are..

IF everyone could accept that we are all different, not unique just different, the world would be much better and much more beautiful place. Noone would be worried about what others think  because they would know that they are accepted even if others do not understand why someone dresses in certain way people would accept it, because it would be self expression. We could aso wear what everyone wears and be like everyone else because we would also know that we will not have to listen to people saying that we are just like everyone else and copying other, that we are not truly oursleves that we are afraid to be and that is why we are like others…

People would smply wear what they want because they would know that they are accepted whether they fit in with majority or deviate from it, whether they are like everyone else or individualists…

But maybe we are not yet ready for it and maybe there is only a handful of people capable doing this because only a handful of people is really able to not care about what others think of them and be themselves, because they know that what others think does not matter as long as you are happy…. 

Keats said that truth is beauty and beauty is truth, and in relation to beauty today I think that if you are true to yourself ,in whatever way, you are truly beautiful… but maybe Emerson, like Keats, was also right when he said that only those who are really strong can be individualistic and self reliant, because that means you will not only be an outcast but you might also  face different opinions and even insults, just because you rely on yourself, you are being yourself  and different…. 

My wish is that, one day, we will accept that we are each different in our own way, that we are free to express ourselves not only by wearing something different than others but also by wearing what others wear and being like others… 

My wish is that, one day, race, skin color, fashion style or makeup will not matter when we judge people because what will matter will be under all this biological stuff and self expression – that all this will be a clue to what is hidden beneath and this will be just a little something people tells us about themselves and this will only make us want to explore more each individual without judging them..

My wish  is that, one day, we will realise that not only it does not matter what others think about us, but that others -people you see on the street or even in classroom – do not care about us, when they look at us there is maybe a fleeting thought but nothing more, because those who care will in the end be those who are really close to us and they will in the end accept what ever we decide to wear because they want us happy..

My friend told me she can not wear bold lipsticks and when i asked why she said she feels like everyone is looking ať her and i said that its just the feeling you have when you do something for the first time because in reality people will not even notice something like that so she should go ahead and wear it if that is what she wants …people are too busy to notice something like that, you would have to be really differently dresses for anyone to even notice and even then they would be too busy to think about it for more than a second so be yourself in whatever way you want to, be more accepting of what is different and look inside and explore it to find the truth and beauty ..


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