Miscellanous Bits n Pieces


Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of an open call for proposals for our Artist as Activist grant program: http://www.rauschenbergfoundation.org/newsfeed/philanthropy-action

Opportunities include a two-year fellowship for artists, designers, and other creative thinkers working to address problems facing societies in the US and beyond, as well as ongoing travel and research grants for similar artists.

The Artist as Activist program is designed in response to a growing body of artists working in service of a larger social purpose. The central goal of the Artist as Activist program is to ensure such artists have the kind of flexible support required to execute ambitious creative projects intended to move the needle on the critical issues of our times. An additional call for proposals, which will support innovative efforts to address climate change, will be announced in November.

Image: Rauschenberg’s “muse wall,” a collection of objects and images that inspired him, located in his print shop, Captiva, Florida, ca. 1979. Photo: Emil Fray


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