Little Tea Time Writings

The Importance of the Red Dot

When you are young and leave school you have many dreams and especially those concerning your future. University, if nothing else, should help you figure  out what you want to be because it might happen that you are studying something just because it is required by society, parents of just because you did not know what else to do and thought that it will not hurt to study some more cause really, if nothing, it gives you more time to decide what you want to be or do.

But when you leave University, like art schools or universities where you studied languages or something abstract like philosophy, somethng that definitely is not technically, medically or law oriented or anything that today is still held in high regard, you might find it hard to survive. 

You might have studied something you loved but now you find it hard to find any kind of job or you even have no idea what kind of job you could or would want to do. OR you might have studied something that was just that something, nothing you really disliked but also nothng you really liked but now you are in similar situation looking for job not knowing what to do or what job you want to do. OR (yes there is another option) in both cases you might know what you want to do but you do not know how to get it how to go for, where to start because that is something no one ever told you.

So now you are here – out  of university with whatever degree you got and you have to find a job. And from everyone, like your family you hear one thing, that gettin a job you like takes time and that you have to first build your resume or CV or whatever it is and you want to ask one question “WHY?!”

Why can you not do what you like now? Sure you need experience but why not get the experience that will be useful to you in your future carrer rather then getting useless experience that might just cause you to forever be stuck with something you dislike – like job you dislike or forever attempting to build up resume and get enough experience but never feeling that you already have enough.

And you may start with jobs like pushing boxes with shoes in shoe shop and putting price tags on them. And you learn how exactly you should put the red dot with sale percentage on the box, how far from the tag with size it should be and that you should take extra care when sticking the red dot onto thhe box because it is huge mistake if the red sale dot somehow covers even a tiny part of the size tag or if it is not straight. And all that runs in your head is that when you were just the buyer you did not care even a bit about how far is that red sale dot from the size tag or if its straight, because all you cared about was if there was a sale on it or not and how much it was. And what is even more depressing are the working hours which often tend to be 12 hour long. The depressing part about them is not the fact that they are long, you know you may spend even more time with job you love, the depressing part is the fact that when you come home you realise that you are not happy and that you know that there is no chance of you ever growing in this job. It is not just about getting better position but also having time or strenght to let your mind grow and do something more than shower and sleep when you come home, or watch stupid TV series that run forever and wait till you fall asleep on sofa.

And then you ask yourself what are you doing here how uselful this experience might be to you, when will you use this knowledge or skill of sticking red sales dots on stuff? And it does not matter if it is only a part time, you just ask this question and you know you want much more but you do not know how this will help you get it. Of course you know that the way to your goal will not be made of roses or maybe even sweets which  I would love probably more than anyone because I would stuff my face with various chocolates, but alas that is not the case.

The importance of the red dot here is similar to the importance of universities. They might not teach you anything new or anything you could not learn on your own or anything that would be useful in particular to you or for your future carreer but they might show you what you want and what you do not want even more clearly or give you time to figure it out.

But do try to figure it out, try as much as you want – different hobbies or maybe even jobs or part times – try to find your passion so you will not get stuck with something you might be indifferent to or even dislike because  that would be waste of time, life and probably even your talent.


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