Art of my Heart

White room

I am sitting here right next to you
But you do not see me nor hear me
You think you know me, you think you know what i like
And want to be but you never truly listen because you hear only what you want.
Iam sitting here right next to you
But the real me is in that white soft room
The light flows in warm and calming but there is no source nor window.
How did the light get in?
Iam sitting there and suddenly the room is gone and iam in jingle full of colorful birds and high tree and exotickΓ© plants
I see and i hear and i smell all the wonders around me and suddenly i feel free
I see the light again and this time the jumgle is gne and i fear
That i will again be in that room but now i hold a brush and dip it in paint and paint
A girl with wimgs like those of the colorful birds i saw in that jumgle.
She spreads the wings and flies high up to sky and i watch her fly near that white light.
Iam again sitimg here next to you with the real me in the white soft room and i know i will be free everytime and anytime because i can see colors and birds and i can travel jungles and if you do mot help me i can go alone
And i dont even have to move
Iam luckier then you you are sitting here unaware of anything and iam sitting here and seeing everything.


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