Art of my Heart

Crushed bird

I had a voice, always deep inside me
And when i sang you never heard
And when i sang you always shut me up
Always Held me down pinned to the wall
Like damn butterfly.
I wanted to scream and scream
Get all that was inside out
But you shut me up
You crushed my heart
And you stomped on my soul
You pinned me to the wall
The way you wanted to have me
The way you thought it was supposed to be
I wanted to be set free
Spread my wings and fly away
Oh so far away
But iam here with my heart crushed
And pinned to the wall
Watching the sun go on sky,
Watching the clouds float with the wind
And wishing i could be one too
Then you could not crush my heart and pin me to wall
You could not catch me and i would be free
The only master would be wind
And i would go where he goes and see what he sees
I would hear the words he hears
And i could finally feed my soul
And i would be set free
Because you could not pin me to the wall
You could not pierce my heart
With pin made of your words
But now iam still the crushed bird
Whose voice you do not care for
Whose voice you do not hear


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