Art of my Heart


What once was home

Filled with warmth and memories of happy child

Now became a cage

Where all the Bird feels is rage

Because it can not sing freely

It can not spread its wings.

Th Bird was once grateful

For all the love and warmth you gave

And in return it wanted to make you happy

It started to sing the song you thought it

But soon it realised that it is not his own.

But the Bird is grateful

And wants you to be happy

But the dost is high.

The Bird once was hoping

That you would be happy

If he sang his own song

And spread his wings to fly

And touch the sky.

But you chopped its wings

And you made him sing your song.

Now the home you gave

Lost its Shine and warmth.

Not it became a cage the bird

Is desperate to leave.

It wants to sing but also make you happy

And hopes that maybe you could be happy

With how his own song sounds.

Now the Bird hates his home

But is too scared to leave

Because wings are chopped

And maybe he will not be able to fly

And sing his own song

Maybe now all it can do is sing your song.


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