Little Tea Time Writings

At least three years of experience

When you are young and freshly out of school you may be looking for a job, you may either know exactly what you are looking for or you just want to start somewhere, but in any case you probably spend days reading or looking up job advertisements.

When you are young you might also be full of ideals and dreams and you might think that you are what world is waiting for and that you will come and instatnly make a difference and that you will probably have no trouble finding a job because … well you are young and you are exactly what everyone is looking for.  Well not to disappoint you but you are not – I know harsh but I learned it too ( better sooner then later, though still might keep some ideals at least to keep you going).

And most job advertisements say that the emplyer is looking for a ” young person, who learns quickly, is hard working, look good, knows languages …” and so on so forth – mostly applies to most of the extroverts (yep it is hard times for us awkward introverts).

Though soon, you will find a few catches. One being that even if they are looking for young people they mean young people with at least two or three years of working experience – but how is one supposed to get any experience if every one wants “young but experienced” and no one gives a chance to those without experience to actually get some experience? Most young people who are out of school know how hard time consuming and tiring studying can be – not that working is not- and they also know that mostly you have time for some part time jobs that hardly can count as job experience.

Other catch is that even if you reply to a job advertisement there is very low chance you will get any sort of reply and probably even lower chance that you will get a positive reply. Why? Well, speaking from experience and you have probably experienced something similar, people rarely tend to reply to you at all. You send a ton of job applications and wait and wait…and wait some more and then you realize that more than half of them will never even reply ,even if it is just politely saying that they have decided for someone else, and that leaves you with the other half of which quarter may be rude when they reply to you or rude when dealing with you, behaving towards you as if you were a stupid or a child or behaving in such an arrogant way that it makes you sick and disgusted – and yes there are many people like that – but there is still one quarter left and you may hope for some job interview or even a chance to work with them.

This process mayb be really hard, depressing, tiring and disgusting but you still need to hope that there will be someone willing to give you chance and offer you a job. But there is one important thing that I personally want to learn from all this – never forget that I was also young, jobsless and with no or little experience because one day it may be me who is giving a job opportunity to someone or recieving an application from young person. So remember – you were young, jobless and with little experience too or little knowledge of world ( sadly schools often do not teach much about the workings of wolrd) when someone young replies to your job advertisement.



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