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The Cooking Monster: Aubergine Curry

This time I am here to tell you about me cooking the Aubergine Curry. This one might be good for all those of you who do not eat or just do not like like meat because this one has absolutely no meat or nothing that even comes close to being meat.

And this one is also for those who hate long and complicated recipes and long hours spend with cooking and taking care that the food is not burnt or anything it is also for those who do not do well with long and complicated recipes or have very little time.

And frankly even I was suprised how quick and easy it is – even when you make your own Kroeung ( which you will need but no worries even that is surprisingly easy).

It is sort of an asian version of meal in one pot – or as the germans say an ” ein Topf”. If I were you I would start with the Kroeung, not because it is extremely hard to make or takes a lot of time but because you will need it right when you begin to cook.

Kroeung is a sort of paste that you make from 30ml of oil, 2 stalks of lemon grass ( chopped), 1-3 dried chilli peppers ( better soak them in water and get rid of the seeds if you want to, but you can leave those be if you do not mind them and if you like stronger taste), 20g of chopped ginger, 1/4 spoon of turmeric, 3 cloves of garlic again chopped, 1 shalott, 5 leaves of kafir lime, around 6 cardamom seeds, 7-10 black pepper seeds, 1/4 spoon of coriander seeds and fenel seeds, 50ml of water, 2 spoon of fish or prawn sauce. That is all you need for the kroeung, at least according to my cook book. And now how to get all these to have a paste like consistency? Well you can ground them but that takes a little more time and if you are lazy like I was just fin your bestie in kitchen – THE FOOD BLENDER. And now all you need to do is just chuck all these into your food blender and blend blend blend…and blend until you get the paste. Of course then it is good to taste it – just a bit- so you know how it tastes and if you want to add say more chilli if you like spicier food.

That was easy right? Super easy to make this paste and making the food is actually as easy as it was to make the paste.

Now start with chopping an aubergine ( you will need 400G of aubergine – I used one bigger) you will need to have this done for later.

Chop 4 garlic cloves, 2 shalotts, 3 dried chilli peppers.Put a pan on cooker and heat it with a little of oil and when it is hot chuck in the garlic, shalotts and chillies and fry till it has a light golden color. Mix in the kroeung paste, fish sauce, 1 spoon of brown sugar and keep mixing for 2-3 minutes until it has golden color – at least my book says darker color so I imagine they mean golden or golden brown color, unless they mean it has to be burnt but I do not think they mean that cause that would give the whole meal awful sort of bitter taste.

When it has a golden color add in your chopped aubergine, 6 kafir lime leaves, 500ml of coconut milk and 300ml of vegetable stock. Then put a lid on the pan and cook for like 20 -25 mins and check and stir occasionally until the aubergine is soft and cooked. In the end the whole mixure will have a nice light green color. And when it is done you can eat it with whatever you want – rice or couscous like me.

That was easy right? Almost too easy to be true. But nonetheless it is true. And it is also very good and smells like a coconut lime a bit heaven. And if yout think that cooking easy and quick meals is no fun you are mistaken because it  can still take you on a trip to indonesia when you can imagine yourself sitting on beach and sipping coconut water or milk or eating this on beach during sun set and you smell the weird but very delicious smell off coconut and spices and the lime. And you may even think that it should not work because well it is lime and coconut and whole lot of different spices but it really does work.

Of course it might not be for everyone especially if you know that your stomach does not take well to spices but I think you could make it milder by using either more coconut milk  or by just using less of the kroeung paste and tasting while cooking to see if it is ok for you to add some more. And for those whole love meat and can not live even a minute without it I think you should try this one too, I am a meat lover and I survivedin one piece so give it a try to and you will see that it is not bad to once in a life be without meat.

Hope you will give it a try and like it as much as I did 🙂



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