Art of my Heart


I built a wall so tall

It touches skys and covers suns.

I built a wall and took it all

Put it behind that brick wall,

The prison i created 

With care and precision,

So that i could hide what i am

So that you could not hurt my soul 

Even more.

But every time when the pain comes

I am reminded that you do not listen

To the cries from behind the wall.

You just ignore it all

Or  worse you stomp at it

And thus you stomp at me.

I built a wall so tall

It touches skys and covers suns.

I built a wall and took it all

Put it behind that brick wall.

I built a wall in hopes 

To hide and protect it all

From you.

But it does not take away the pain

So i just fake the smiles 

And i close my eyes.

I treasure that which is behind the wall

Because that is my real treasure 

Made of purest gold and 

Mountains of diamonds.


4 thoughts on “Wall

    1. Thank you 🙂 just found a real treasure of comments here too 🙂
      Most of the “poems” if you can call it like that are just a inspired by moment like there is something and then it becomes this and somehow I do not even know how ..or if it makes sense ať all .. maybe or maybe not .. i should not read them because they will not make sense even to me – like i said they come from feelings of a moment maybe as a way of drawing or expressing it
      Tha k you for your comments 🙂

      1. This is the way I write poems, too. An idea comes and I sit and usually
        just write it straight through in 10 or 15 minutes. It can’t be forced. If I try to hard it doesn’t work. It is
        the same with my piano music. I
        just sit an play. I can’t play it
        twice. An emotion affects me and
        the music expresses it. I learned to
        record whenever I play.Some I erase, but the rest goes up on soundcloud and I put it on posts. My latest one is for my mother and i will be putting it on the watch and whirl blog soon. I have been offline until last night ( changed providers). My mom, when she heard it asked me – where does it come from? How do you do this, just playing and not knowing what you are doing? I told her i mentally crawl inside the piano and play from the inside out. I think you understand that with the way you write your poems – but I think you should read yours. You might learn about yourself, and knowing who your are – you might be surprised.

  1. Reblogged this on Watch and Whirl and commented:
    . . . . .We all build walls to guard the parts of us that can be easily hurt by someone we love. “Guard the part from even you, afraid of hurt from loving me.” A line from a poem I wrote.

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