THE Cookin Monster

The Cooking Monster cooks for friends

When you cook for someone it is always somehow different. When I cook for only myself it is so that I will not die of hunger, you need to eat and really if I am not in the mood it does not even have to be anything special. There are times when I cook something new or interesting even for myself – when I have mood or when I am energetic or happy – and there are also times when I do some “cooking experiment” and I cook something completely new and often even difficult. But it is more about curiousity and pushing yourself and learning something new but cooking for someone else – especially friends or family – is different. There are times when I enjoy it more, even though I cook something I have made thousands of times and I know the recipe by heart.

It is not about being a show off and showing what all you can cook even if it is hard and very complicated it is about sharing with friends and loved ones and maybe even sharing the fun of making the food. Like me, I asked my friends if they wanted to try and make some spring rolls and in the end they had fun and looked happy that they made them on their own. It does not matter if it looks perfect when you are with friends or family what matters is if you enjoy it because someho  food can deepen and even create relationships, as if it is some sort of universal language and when you share food you share life and love (i know sounds so cliche but I thiink it is true).

There is food for good times and there is comfort food for bad times and over food you can talk and share stories – like me and my friends did- and you can spend hours like that and create amazing happy memories. When you need comfort and someone gives it to you and even comes with food maybe what will be left in your memory will not be just the pain and tears but also the fact that someone came with the warm  food and offered shoulder to lean on.

My onion rings

And watching somone laugh happily while cooking something for the first time and making jokes about it or their ability to cook adds even more charm to the whole thing. And later when you attempt to eat say sticky gyoza or big spring rolls with chop sticks you know it does not matter if you drop the food or if the roll ends up being torn apart by the chop sticks because  you know you can just laug it off and make more jokes about it with your 20160908_163655friends.

I think we all should share food more often, even if it is just a cup of instant noodle soup, because that really creates some sort of bond, so what if the soup is not good or even if it is disgusting, you can still laugh it off and joke about it. Sharing is really important because you do not share just the food, you share much more and you also show kindness.

I think I will definitely do something like this again. Coffee shops are nice but at home you can be more loud and yourself and you can concentrate on yourself and your friends and you do not have to pay attention to who is there and how you should behave. And the atmosphere of home can be more welcoming and warm than that of coffee shop. And there are no closing hours and you can bring the drinks you like and friends can also bring some food if they want to and you can just sit for hours.

There is really something about food that makes it into something more than just a thing that keeps you alive. We can use it and create memories around it and attach emotions to it – this food is what helps me get better when I am sick, this one helps me get better when I am sad and this food brings back happy memories and this food is what I like to eat when I am happy or when I want to treat myself.

I will definitely share more food with my friends and make more happy memories.




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