THE Cookin Monster

The Cooking Monster. what will be the next cooking adventure?

So I was thinking what will be next after the semi successful experiment with Macarons? And however good macarons may be they are sweet as hell and so I thought that it would be good to cook something normal and not at all sweet.

I made the chinese spring rolls and thought of making them again but this time with homemade rolls shells but the recipe would stay the same so I discarded that thought – maybe I will just make the shells and write something short about it. I made the gyoza for friends and even made home made gyoza wrapers and wrote about what it is like cooking for friends or with friends.. I made the aubergine curry, I am not sure whether I wrote about it or whether I posted it already ( should check about that one). And i was thinking about what to do next pretty hard and could not come up with anything ( maybe I was too preocupied with all the job adverts I was looking at and my mood was not really good for cooking … hmm maybe that influenced the outcome of my macarons too…interesting thought). But then I was watching the cooking competition show in TV and they had a guest there an asian chef who cooks traditions and authentic asian food in his restaurant and he cooked three meals and the competitors were then supposed to cook one that was picked for them. THey had to cook Nasi Goreng Stir Fried Noodles.

The chef made it look easy and really quick – well asian cuisine if nothing else is pretty quick to make ( not saying it is easy). And well the competitors ad their hands full. If they let the noodles on pan for too long they would over cook, if the temperature was not high enough the noodles would be cooked and not frieds and there was also the thing about getting the taste and mix of spices right. All in all there were so many catches that it was even hard to count them. But that made it interesting for me – cause I like challenges in kitchen and the harder the better ( macarons proved to be harder than they looked and I still painfully well remember theย catasthrope with my suffle.. at least it was supposed to be suffle ).

And so I thought that I need to have a look into Nasi Goreng and try to get together all the ingredients and stuff that I neeed and make a small research and stuff and try to make Nasi Goreng stif fried noodles.. they looked pretty yummy apart from the fact that they contain shrimps and I find it hard to cook those since they can be a bit stiff and hard to chew if you cook them too much… at least that is what happens to me all the time.

So for me it is Nasi Goreng.. hopefully it will not be complete disaster.


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