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About MIND

I named this article “About MIND” because naming it “Mindfulness and Me” or “Buddhism and Me” would simply be wrong because I am nowere near knowing enough about any of these things to say what my relationship towards it is.

To tell you the truth I was always interested in many things and had open mind to new learning and learning all I could and trying to think about it. And all my love for Manga and Anime and Japanese culture and Korean culture and all the eastern cultures and stuff that seems so different and enchanting and interesting from ours but yet somehow familiar probably led me to one day discover or be more interested into stuff like Buddhism and the kind of modern and buddhism inspired Mindfulness and also the Four Agreements philosophy (although that is not so much eastern as it is western, well at least the place from which this comes is on the west from my country so…).

I do not know how I got into Mindfulness but it was what actually made me to finally buy a book about Buddhism. I am also researching about Biddhist centers here and I hope I could also find a Mindfulness center (but chances for that are pretty low I guess).

Somehow I feel the affinity to Buddhism and Mindfulness maybe because they do not tell me to do something but everything is up to me, if I feel like meditating I can and if I am not really capable to hold my focus on breathing or anything and my mind wanders, so what that happens and that what minds just do – that is thinking. But so far I have very little experience with it to say if I will become a real Buddhist or if  I will just take from it what is the closest to my heart and  my own philosophy and understanding. There is no saying if after some time I will still be meditating and doing Mindfulness. But if not I hope that I will at least learn something from it.. But I sencerely hope I will be able to keep with it and so far my heart tells me that it is something worth my time and something close to what I would like and something close to my inner world.

Right now I am listening and watching a lesson Jon Kabat Zinn gave at Google in I think 2007 and so far I have thought “oh he is right” so many times that I stop counting it… Sometimes it seems a bit weird – well weird is the best word I can come up with – but then I think ” I am still at the beginning”. The way he is talking about it makes it so much more interesting and fascinating because he is making it fun and even joking it is serious but at the same time if you fall alseep, like one woman said she does every time, or if your mind wanders so what that happens, maybe get more sleep, have a cold shower.

I do not know what all this will do to me but so far after a few of the mindfulness meditations I had, using apps for now, helped me to calm down and have a little peace. So lets see what will happen later.

Wish me luck 🙂


4 thoughts on “About MIND

  1. Hi there. I came to see your blog because you came to one of mine. Watch and Whirl is actually my second blog which is more personal to me and issues I deal with. My other blog is on the life of an inmate who is the father of one of my grandsons, and other prison related issues. I’m in the editing phase of a book on his life and put out a newsletter monthly. But personally, we all have different issues to deal with and some are easier than others. If you read my last blog post you already know i am a Buddhist and have been for almost 30 years.

    I’m glad you have an open mind because I think if a human being is open to learning about other ideas then they are probably more understanding of people, cultures and religions they practice instead of trying to change people to believe what you believe. I wanted to give you a little basic understanding of Buddhism because there are as many different sects as there are of Christianity and teach different things. I practice Nichiren Buddhism out of Japan. You might find this website interesting

    I do not “practice” mindfulness or meditate in the tradition zen type Buddhism. I chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo which translates into the law of cause and effect, which is the basis of the teaching. Christianity has something similar called “You reap what you sow” except that we take it seriously. Everything you think, say or do makes a cause that will get an effect. Some are very easy to see and some aren’t. Depending on you “mood” or life condition at the moment you are dealing with life in some way will effect the cause you make, so being in a high life condition means you will handle everything that happens in your life a better way. If you go to the airport to see a friend you haven’t seen in years you are so happy and the anticipation to see this person is like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. After your friend arrives you sit and talk and it is like you were never separated and that good feeling of anticipation slowly dissipates to a more normal feeling. The you walk to the parking garage with all her luggage and when you get to your car you find that someone has slashed all 4 of your tires. It’s not a simple ( at the airport?) AAA service call. Your life condition smacks on the ground in anger and frustration. You run through all levels of life conditions all day long with no control. Your anger surfaces again every time you tell the story of what happened. Every though and action life hands you during your times of anger means you will respond to them differently than if you were in a happy frame of mind. The practice of Nichiren Buddhism teaches you to understand all aspects of your life and how to change the way you deal with your life. If you want to know the causes you made in your past you need only look at everything happening in your life right now. If you want to have a certain future than you have to make the causes for it to be that way or else life just bats you around. If you were Christian you would probably say things like, “God must have wanted me to go through this”, “God never gives you more than you can handle”. This puts the responsibility for your life on something other than yourself, It’s not your fault, it’s God’s plan. This is what so many learn as children, taught to them by their parents and so forth. We think our parents wouldn’t lie to us so it must be the truth. We are
    told to suspend our belief and have blind faith because – God loves you while being an ego driven angry God, and that belief was used through the ages to control the masses and has changed many times – but many people today don’t question that for fear of going to hell and also fear of rejection from family, friends and community.

    Changing unhappy effects in your life is not an easy thing to do, especially if the people in your life can’t communicate because faith gets in the way. But if we don’t change the karma to have that happen to us we get to repeat it until we learn whatever wisdom we need to know. We can’t move away from people we don’t like because no matter where you go you will attract the same kind of person – the man in your – your boss etc who have the same issues you try to run from, but when some key changes within you, it will reflect in the environment.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a fascinating philosophy. We don’t rely on something outside ourselves to change our life. We don’t ask something out there to fix us, whether it is health or money problems or relationship problems. Our minds are capable of so much more than most people realize. If you do a search on my blog using, Nichiren Buddhism, SGI, the law of cause and effect I have written on this many times. If you want to know i can explain why there are different sects of Buddhism and why you would practice one over another, The travels Buddhism took from the time of Siddhartha Gautama ( the Buddha) to now is quite interesting.
    P.S. I talk a lot! Have a great day.

    1. Hello
      Thank you for your comment and i do not mind that you talk a lot i do it too at times 🙂 i really appreaciate your comment and all your tips and ideas 🙂 since i am new to this any tip is good tip because i am finding my way around all this and like you say there are so many kinds of buddhism that i first want to kind of know what they deal with or how .. kind of like getting to know person more before saying that i want to be real friends or saying that i do not mind them but some of their opinions are not something that iam comfortable with and so i know we can be friends or accept each other but we probably will not be really good friends.. if that makes sense (if not please know that i was writing it kind of late after getting home -5hour long journey ..pffff :D)
      I have heard about nichiren buddhism and i know they have a web site too ..some of the opinions were positive some not (but hey it is like that with everything right nothing can be liked by all people )
      Actually if you have any sources about buddhism please feel free to let me know 🙂
      I do mindfulness not a lot but mostly because iam on the go and books tend to be big and sometimes i have to considered how much space i have and what i really need to have with me and what not and also i like how Jon kabát zinn talks about the whole mindfulness thing and his sort of way of drawing with it ..kind of positive i think and he really speaks about it from point of view of someone who was right at the beginning of it all because he is like founder or father of it all ..and i guess i also like the fact that he did it all to help people ..
      Because mindfulness is not about any sort of religion or anything close to it it is more like a philosophy and healing method like therapy sort of that you can do at home or in groups but you do not have to share the same believe witheople around ..
      I am still at the learning phase so i can not say whether i will really become a buddhist or také from the teaching what is closest to me or waht i could really believe in.. we will see there is still a lot i do not know 🙂
      Thank you again for your comment i really appreaciate it and all your tips and opinions too 🙂
      Hope you will have a great day too 🙂
      P.S: still learning with the comment section just found i had your comment here 😀 really iam such a gifted person when it comes to technologies how i learned with pc and phones and tablety i s a real wonder 😀

      1. I will have to look up who Jon kabát zinn is. i have never heard of him. You are right – Buddhism is not a religion. It is a philosophy because it is a way of living and there is no God that is a central figure that you pray to. It is lumped in under the heading of world religions, though. Mindfulness is important. it is important to be aware of what is happening in your life as much as possible. So many things pass us by. But it is more than that. It is understanding that the life you are living and all that is in it is the life you created by the choices and decisions you made in the past – even the remote past. We are responsible for our life. Nothing outside ourselves decided the path we are on. Maybe it is easier if we think that a God wanted us to be where we are – that it is his path and we should trust that he created the best one for us that would teach us things. If that is what you were told as a child by parents that learned that same thing as a child then for us that is the truth because we would think that our parent wouldn’t lie to us, not thinking that maybe this truth being passed down is completely wrong. And in a community or church who all say the same thing – Jesus loves you and if you worship him and not make this jealous god angry you can then also go to heaven and worship him more and live in a mansion and continue to exist with no problems and always be happy. because life on earth has problems to overcome and really don’t have the tools to understand them life can be rough. The desire to go to heaven gets stronger. If you make it to your senior years with illness, maybe a deceased spouse, no more productivity, maybe depressed and sour, maybe bedridden – you end your life unhappy and heaven sounds pretty good. But how you end your life is important. How you lived those last decades is the culmination of how you lived your life. Now life is terrible and you wait to get out of it thinking your loved ones will be there when you die looking exactly like you remember them and you all live happily ever after ever “up there”. Does that even sound realistic? But many people are afraid to not believe that is true. They need there to be a heaven. They need a God who loves them. They lived their entire life thinking a God loved them.

        You said you are in a learning phase. That is wonderful. You should always be in a learning phase. Always seeking the truth. And it starts with seeking the truth about yourself, and when you start to learn about your own human nature – and face it – it can often be emotionally overwhelming. Most people find it painful to face their faults – the parts about themselves they would like to change and the more they try the more they fail. Here is one example about myself: I have an anger nature. I have a very fast reaction to things that happen that I feel is an injustice toward me. Being falsely judged. Being misinterpreted.Untrue gossip spread that is taken as truth. Someone not doing what they said they would and it affected me . . and I snap back in anger. I bite people’s head off when they piss me off. I am trying to change that. Stop and think before I shoot off my mouth. The stronger the determination to change, the more opportunities come up for you to challenge that. The more i challenge it the more aware I am of my nature on all levels. To change your nature is your human revolution. It could take my entire life to make that change – but changing through what i have learned through my Buddhist practice keeps my determination strong. Otherwise, a person would say, “That’s just the way I am.” A common phrase. That is why a person can only put on a face to be a different person for only so long. Their true nature always comes out.

        In an early relationship, boy meets girls. They put on their best face so the other person will like them. After the relationship is in a comfportable place their true nature reveals itself. One says to the other, “You’ve changed.” No, they haven’t. They just became who they are. I find it interesting how people don’t understand this. Look at our elections. Trump says he can be more presidential – in fact he will be so presidential they won’t believe it. He tries to put on a face. But because his nature is so frantic. His skin is so thin. He can’t hold that presidential face for more than 15 minutes.He can not stop himself from saying the things he does. If you taped his mouth and tied his hands behind his back he’d find a way to rip off the tape with his face. It would drive him nuts to not have the ability to say what he wants.It’s a compulsion. it’s mental illness.

        It took me 14 years to start practicing after i found out about this. It took 5 people telling me about it before i would listen. i had to realize that there were things in my life that were a mess and i was running from it. I stopped running and listened. I am so glad I did. It literally saved my life before I self – destructed. I still have not talked about the practice with you. you said when you read about it there were things liked and also disliked. I would like to know what those things are if you would tell me. it also might be easier to shift this dialogue to email because it would be easier to read and write.

      2. Hello 🙂
        thank you again for the comment.. the thing you said about responsibility yes it is right.. it is easier to think that God created for a path and that this is what is supposed to happen and that we do not need to know why or how just that it is God´s will.. or same it is when you blame other people or make decisions based on other people´s opinions, though this one is a bit trickier because of course you want your family to be proud of you and so if children think that their parents do not accept what they want they might do what will make their parents happy thinking that seeing their parents happy will make them (the kids) happy too ( parents here work sort of like Gods, they teach you, show you thinks and you think they would never lie to you – they actually do not because they believe what they are saying)…
        And the think with parents teaching children – how we believe them and think they would not lie … that reminded me of Don Miquel Ruiz and his Four Agreements ( now Five Agreements) where he says something like parents teach us what they themlseves have been taught as children and they believe it because they believed their parents and so untruths or myths and such are passed from one generation to other…
        Although i do not think that Ruiz´s Four because it would make a person look maybe a bit like a psycho or recluse or something because Ruiz says that you should aslo get rid of people who somehow spoil your life, but doing that would mean that you would not be able to be in one room with majority of people (he says it a bit differently names exactly the kind of people but i do not remmeber it that well), he also says that you should get rid of people who do not accept you for who you are (and at the same time accept others for who they are) but again that would mean that you would have to stop being around majority of people because no one will ever like you 100% (same as you there are things that will bug you about others like that they leave sock everywhere) and it is a bit contradictory i think I you accept others for who they are and stop trying to change them then you should accept that they will not like everything about you or that not every person will like you so why getting rid of them if you accepted the fact? what I agree with is that you should not speak badly about somoene ( like gossip or just be mean .. and stuff like that) though at times it is hard we all have emotions so sometimes it just happens and you may not really mean it … which is other think i think he says that people when they tell you something they do not think really, they just say it and they do not think about you or your feelings (sometimes they do, sometimes you want to hurt someone cause you have been hurt .. you know when boss yells at you and then you yell at someone else.. kind of like chain) and Ruiz says that we shoud stop taking things personaly that people rarely think about us when they speak and yes I think so too, my friends often tell me when I wear something bold like lipstick or when I have new bold haircolor or haircut that they like it but they could not wear it that maybe people would look weirdly at them and I always tell them “rubbish people barely spare you a glance when you walk on the street or when they see you in bus.. everyone has so much to do and even better things to do then think too much about others.. the worst that can happen is that they will think you are weird or maybe they will like it but you will not know because it is just passin thought and the next second they will forget about you” … that is how I learned about Ruiz I was having this debate with my friends and said exactly this and one of my friends said ” you talk exactly like this Ruiz guy.. have you heard about him?ů I had absolutely no idea who he was.. he has interesting ideas or philosphy though not fully aplicable in reality I think but partly it can be done… anyways I babble to much about this (probably does not even make sense 😀 )

        Oh yes I like learning at school though there it feels like I should take everything the teacher says as true and never think or question, but not always there are some teachers who require that we put our brain to good use .. (sometimes my brain feels like pc that you use too much for rubbish stuff or too little… takes quite a long time to start it :D) And I have many hobbies like cooking (way of traveling if you can do it properly), reading, movies, now buddhism (not really a hobby but well just for the sake of filling the list of stuff I like or am interested int), painting, art, comics, this blog, my portfolio, taking photos, watching TED videos, listening to audiobooks, watching inspiring stuff on youtube (yes there is some like the lecture from Jon Kabat Zinn 🙂 )… I know I am crazy right .. I would need like 100 mini me-s to be able to do everything the way I want to 😀 but all this i think helps me realise who I am .. slowly.. but hopefuly it does…
        You will have to remind me about those things I like and dislike – to what it was connected.. I am sorry university started and so my mind is really full of stuff I have to do .. and truly sometimes my memory is really short termed ( especially when it comes to names and numbers :D)
        sure we can email each other 🙂 you can just email me here 🙂

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