Little Tea Time Writings

Being realistic

I have just finished article and together with two translations send it to people who will decide if I get or do not get the chance to be intern in their magazine. And the really weird thing is that I felt sick, really physicaly sick when I send that and it was really hard to breath.. and somehow I remebered what my mum told me when I was kid ” you can be anything” and then I remembered what she told me not long ago, when we had a little argument about jobs, “be realistic”.

And I thought that maybe me feeling sick and having hard time breathing when I am just trying out for chance at something I could like and maybe be good, at something that could allow me to be creative in some way, has  something to do with all this ” you can be anything ” and then ” just be realistic”.

I am always so very frustrated by this because at some point in our lives parents will, in most cases, tell us how they love us and how they will support us no matter what and how we can be anything we want, but then at some point when we are old enough they sometimes change their mind and teaching and start to tell us ” be realistic” or to start building a CV. So it all makes me ask were they lying when they said that we can be anything we want?

Is me wanting to have a job that I would like, find interesting and that would allow me to be creative and make me actually want to be good at what I do so unrealistic? Is it just a romantic notion left behind after all the romantics who said that we should pursue our passions, but actually did not see that quite a lot of people do not have this chance because they just have to work to survive?

I do not thing that in this world in whihc I live, in the world  with all the privileges of having a good education, safe home and food and al the other things, it is so unrealistic and bad to want to pursue a job that you would love and that would inspire you. A ob that would not make you want to kill yourself the first chance you get. It is not that I do not know that I have to start somewhere but I would want all people to understand that if a young person wants a job we would love we do not mean the thing you see in movies, where at all times people are happy in their jjobs, we actually know that there will be things that will annoy us about our jobs or things that we will hate at times but at the same time things we will love.

I like to think about it as a relationship, you love the person ( your partner, mother, sister does not matter) but at the same time there are things you do not like, like them leaving socks everywhere or leaving behind dirty dishes but you also know that if they did not do this it would not be them, it would be someone else. If they change it has to be on their own terms. Same way there are things you will love  and things you will hate, but if there are things you love about something the things you hate do not have as much of weight and importance..

People thing that young people know nothing about world and that they only dream and that they are not realistic, but young people also have their own wisdom and young people also have desire and power and strenght to pursue what they love and if you do not give them the chance to do it, you may loose a chance to get great person and maybe even inpiring persona.

Young people are dreamers but at the same time can be realistic, just let them try..


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