Art of my Heart



 You wont probably know me, not even if you go to school with me. Why?  Well easy.. because i am not the shiny bright type that is in center of all the attention and causes mayham just by steping into class. No i am the silent and invisible type, the kind that you will not notice until you bump into me and then you will look all confused and your expression will convey what you think ” where the hell did you come from?” “How the hell did you appear here ?”and so on.

But that is ok you are bright and i am not we are just different.. Maybe I am the class geek, the artsy type and your are the star, the clown or the sporty type. But we do not know each other so we can only judge one another..

Maybe one day i will shine too and if so i wonder what will you do? Will you come to me and will you want to be friends with me? Will you tell me how proud you are of me? And what will i do? Will i become your friend?

Who knows what will happen but for now i am the invisible one and you are the shiny one.. But if you want to we can be friends even today.. from this day…


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