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The Red G-String

When you are at university you would expect people to behave a bit more like adults even though you are living at dorms where it might not be calm and comfy all the time and even if inside your there is a small plazful child, but for some reason something or someone taught you that at university people should behave more like adults because they soon will enter the adult outside world.

Even if your stays at the dorm are more like a sleepover for two nights or so and you do not really have a chance to meet or get to know the people who live there, or maybe because they are much younger you do not have anything in common, and their behaviour to you seem like the behaviour of young kids with no manners what so ever and it does not matter if inside you is child because there is just difference between having a child in your soul and behaving like a spoiled unmannered one all the time.

And it does not matter that when you complain you seem like an old douche bag because when you are turning into young adult you start to notice that you mind too much noise or a pile of unwashed one week old dishes in the sink in a kitchen that even for one is too small let alone if you have to find a way to “cook” anything in it with no access to water (thanks to the full sink) and no access to stove either because someone thought that it might be a good idea to leave another couple of unwashed dishes sitting on it.

And you discover how annoying it is when people just ignore the fact that they do not live there alone and start to make noise in the middle of night yelling and laughing in a way that makes you feel unsure of whether they are laughing, crying or perhaps being strangled to death or stabbed by endless number of needles.

And it gets better when there is and uninvited visit from boyfriend of your roommate and you have to tell him to go or even tell them that their morning romantic sessions make you uncomfortable and that they should reallz remember that they are not alone in the room (and point out to said boyfriend that this is not his room , that his room is down the corridor);  and this makes you feel like parent who is trying to teach children that thez should at least ask if the other person does not mind instead of just plainly ignoring the other person  in favour of having nice romantic and intimate morning session on the bed while the other person is either asleep or awake or wakes up because of the noise. Certainly you feel like someone should have taught the little kids the difference between home and dorm, between their own flat that they rent and the dorm where you only rent the bed to sleep in and the rest you have to share with other people.

And when you feel that there is nothing that could suprise you that it just can not be any more better you realise you were completely wrong in thinking that they can really behave like young adults.

What you might not expect is a pair of red g-strings under your pillow with a note saying “wear me”or something like that. Of course jokes are permitted and everyone likes them but this kind of thing is not funny, it is something  a teenage child that has nothing better to do than making bad sexual jokes would do simply  because sex for teenagers is embracing and something kind of funny…

Here you are g-strings and note in hand and you are left with two choices – first to tell them off, possibly yell at them about the stupidity and unoriginality of the joke or just throw the g-string along with the note into bin, because you feel like telling them off would really finish of their joke and give them reason to laugh… But if you throw them away then the joke will just be one big red failure, because you did not even deem important enough or funny enough to even mention it once did not deign to waste anymore energy on bunch of teenagers but you thought that it could be excellent idea to write a little something about it in hopes that someone might just laugh about it…

I can only hope that next time they will be more creative or better yet that they will leave there a little chocolate like those in hotels 😀 


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