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Raw and Vegan?

I have mostly seen vegan and raw as trend you know how someone starts to do something and others follow and then it seems like everyone who is something is vegan or raw  and basically all of internet is full of “day in life of vegan” or “what I ate today as vegan” and some such stuff. Then it seems like you can not be sure if the people do it because they believe in the benefits or because it is trend.

But since the doctors told my mum that she should be on diet -something related to kidneys and not eating too much young meat like chicken and such- she started to look for alternatives and because I was born with mild kidney disease I thought that I could try something with my mum. Because you know it is always better if you are not alone in it and you have someone to cook for or eat with- moral support and all that stuff.

And so we bought vegan and raw and gluten-free cookbooks and stuff and started to properly explore the world of meatless and uncooked food. I did not find giving up meat ashard as some people would think -not that I suddenly became 100% vegan – maybe because we never found it necessary to eat meat every single day. Actually there are seasons, like in summer, when I almost never eat meat especially if it is too hot and since I lived with my mum and sister we never really cooked big meals full of meat.


Muschroom Ravioli

But I have to admit that I would never say the food could be as good as it is. Especially the soups, because I never really eat soups I actually dislike most of them for some reason and since some of the vegan soups are like purreed veggies I thought that I will hate it too – because it just looks like baby food. And seriously, pureed broccoli is kind of suspicious.. and green..

But there were also things that I knew and was used to eating quite often like soya and tofu and seitan and some other things, which maybe made it a bit easier.

But I would never thing that it would be possible to make sweets and desserts in vegan style, I mean there are fruits right and from what can you make say cheese cake if you can not use the essential ingredient – cheese? And when I looked at the recipes they all used keschews for the cream and date for the crust – really keschews??

I just had to try it and  the brownies became my instant favorite – full of cocoa and with nuts and thick layer of chocolate from coconut oil and cocoa on top. I would even say they might be better then the classic brownies – the classic can be tricky. I have to say that I was upset and


dissapointed when I first made the lemon cheesecake, it was more like purree and when I was cutting it I realised that it never had the right consistency like they said in the recipe and like it looked on the photo – it was just puree, tasty but still puree.

I had to try more recipes and this made me realise that it really matter what kind of dates you buy and how long they are in water- same goes for the nuts – but in the end I was kind of succesful, I still need to try more to really know how to work with it, but now I know it is possible and even edible..

In the end the procedure is easy, since it is no bake and stuff but the trickiest part are really the ingredients, be it getting them or using them in cooking..

But to me this opens up a whole new world of cooking and full of new exp

Raw and Vegan Mini Cheesecake

eriences and experiments and surprisingly tasty food. The thing that I am sure will not happen is me being 100% vegan and raw, not because I could not be without meat but because that would mean that I would not be able to try or taste a whole lot of meals and recipes which would be pitty.

And I can not imagine my life without tasting Tajin or handamade Burger from the little shop near my place or making korean Bulgogi. I think life certainly would not be as fun for me as it is with all the possibilities that I have now. The thing I think we should maybe try doing is balancing what and how much we eat.

More ecological than eating just raw or vegan food would be teaching people how to have a balanced diet and not waste food. Healthier than just raw and vegan would be a balanced diet with days when you eat some  meat once that day and days when you do not eat any meat at all – days that you could consider vegan or raw. And maybe not to forget that you really do not have go to gym to shed some fat – balanced out diet is good enough and do not forget that the most natural exercise is simply walking.

Fats and sugars do not necessarily be unhealthy, what is unhealthy is the amount we eat be it meat, fats, sugars or even fruits and vegitables.


Fruits contain fiber and water and can help reduce blood pressure and even help you loose weight  BUT eating fruits or too much of them can cause people to develope intolerance – fructose intolerance – fruits are not good for low carb/ketogenic diet. And if you think drink smoothies is good think twice sure it is better than juices from shops but not as good as the whole fruit.

Fruits and veggeis contain loads and loads of fiber which is good for digestion and lowering cholesterol and other things BUT too much can be bad it can cause nutrient deficiencies and abdominal discomfort among some other things.

So really the good diet is the one that is balanced, it is not just about what you eat but how much of it you eat – steak or burger once one or two weeks will not be all that bad, especially if you use good high quality lean meat. And ecologically speaking, I think that the best is really to not waste food and for that you need to know the size of portion that is healthy for you. Being vegan may be good and beneficial for one person  but not so much for another, eating five meals a day is good for someone but someone else (like me) can become sick and is  perfectly good with just eating three meals a day.

But sure trying all the variety can help you learn what works for you and what not and if nothing it is at least fun trying the new recipes.


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