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The Wonderland of Planners and Bujos

I love YouTube who would not right? All  the possibilities it offers and all the things you can learn and all those diverse communities of beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers and food bloggers and travel vlogers and artists and journalers or journaling lovers and last but not least plannerholics. Plannerholics are people who are absolutely in love with planning, they make these videos where they unwrap their newly purchased planners and accessories for them and they make all these intricate looking spreads full of calligraphy and at times very intricate illustrations- when it comes to illustrations Nicole’s Journal is my absolute favorite because she really does not do just decorations beautiful illustrations. Among all those people she really stands out to me, because all the others tend to have very similar handlettering and illustrations but she really draws it as if it was a childrens book or something and so I decided to put here also her website Nicole’s Journal and  Blog.

source: Nicole’s Journal

But as much as I love watching art videos, cooking videos or travel blogs and other makeup I love watching these videos.. I am not entirely sure why I watch these videos one of the reasons might be that their layouts and set ups are really just too pretty, of course sometimes it is too much – because it is full of stickers and washis and other things that I really do not know where the planning starts – but mostly I just think “oh if only my planner would be so pretty”.

You can trust me I have tried it I got some of those washi tapes and stickers and stuff like this and tried to decorate it but I never lasted too long and that is something to say because I am really artsy I can sit for hours and hours and paint, draw or sketch and even write or journal (which in my case is combination of writing and sketching or even putting together scraps from magayines that i find inspiring or just interesting). But for some reason I have never been able to keep up with the planner thing.

Another reason why I watch these videos might be that all these women and some times men seem to be really organized and they seem to really know what they are doing in temrs of their planning hacks and methods and trackers and colorcoding and layout for their spreads.

maxresdefault (1)
source: Nicole’s Journal

I have again tried it all and this colorcoding thing seemed really easy and handy because if you use say blue for tasks than you should know that all the blue stuff is something you need to do like “cleaning the house”. But again it really did not work out for me that well. I got all these pens and markers but then along with my planner I had to carry with me a pen case full of differenly colored pens and also all these skicky notes and other stuff which took up so much space in my bag and the bag then became so heavy that I was just really tired from carrying it around. And here I got to another thing that astounds me, often I see these people taking out a whole tote bag devote just to stuff for planning and I never really understood if they carry it around with them everywhere or if it stays at home, because really these bags just in those videos looks HUGE .. my pencilcase in comparison was tiny and it still anoyed me to have to carry it around…

It was not just that I had to carry around all kinds of pens but at home I had to devote so much time to the setting up and when you are new like me you also have to work out what works for you. So it often happened that I made a certain set up and then realised that it just does not work for me or that I do not need it…

Like many of these people I have also tried many different planners from the no name cheap ones you can get at different stores in different sizes to the pricier ones like filofax, which can be expensive when you are like me and you realise that you do need something that is A5 size because everyting else is just too small for your handwriting and you are fed up when you can not fit it on the page and so you go and buy that big folder and fillers and pockets and stuff and in the end you spend a huge amount of money … just to realise that it is A5 and that you really can fit there everything even if your handwriting is bigger and but there is one  big problem – carrying it around is just too much, not only it is hard to fit in bag with other things but it is also kind of heavy.. and the biggest problem is that you realise that it actually is not for you .. so you spent a huge amount of money and you are not happy with it… the journey for the perfect planner did not end..


But recently I have discovered that there is a new phonomenon called the Bullet Journal a sort of hybrid between planner, journal and tracker, listing system and many other things. Creator of this is Ryder Carol (hope I wrote it corectly) and it should be simple you are using symbols called bullets for tasks, events and other things and then also index where you write numbers of pages and also what is one those pages.

source: Bullet Journal aka BuJo

The huge pro of this seems to be that you can use any kind of notebook though the popular ones are Leuchturm 1917 or Moleskin and at time Rhodia (all of which are also my personal favorite notebooks for just writing, sketching and journaling) and even more popular are the ones with dot grid pages and I can see the appeal because squared pages often have too tiny lines for my handwriting and  lines are well sometimes just anoying.

And again there are people who brought this to whole new level and made a simple bullet journal into an intricate planner journal with loads and loads of illustrations, handlettering and tracking spreads and many other things and in many cases this seems to me like everything is just all over the place but the original version seems pretty easy to use and just simple and minimalistic. There is a website and also YouTube account created by Ryder Carol for Bullet Journal or as he calls it BuJo, quite name really ..

source: Bullet Journal aka BuJo

I have already tried BuJo and it did not work out for me althoutgh that was way before I even knew that there was actual website telling you abotu the basics of the system and how to use it. When I started I saw these videos of people creating what looked like journal planner of their own to fit specifically them and I took almost everything I saw and tried to put it into my BuJo to realise that half the stuff is useless for me and. When I found the BuJo website and videos I started to think about trying it again because Carol’s version is easy and if you start with the basics I think you can slowly add more. Yep that is exactly what I think I will do, I will not throw away my current planner since I quite like it and when I compare it to the BuJo I think it is in a way similar but still more like regualr planner. I was also think about buying Hobonichi Techo planner or cousin since I heard the paper is good which I need because I use fountain pen to write and I really hate when there are bleeds on the paper..


Please do not think that I have anything against these women and men I really admire them and I absolutely aprove of their attempts to be organized and productive and change soething simple like planner into something that can also make you smile and show who you are but i still can not help and think “how the hell do they do this?!”. It MUST take hours to make the spreads and I do not know for me the prettiness just does not work in planner because it gets my attention of the planning and activities and I would rather devote those hours to just drawing then drawing and planning .. I guess I am just one of those people who just need the planner to be really functional and sure from time to time I doodle there but all the decorations are just too much for me.. But it is something different when it comes to my journal and journaling…


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