Little Tea Time Writings

So I went shopping….

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So I went shopping, and as it lately often happens I was disappointed and  even angry. And made me thing about all kinds of things related to clothes and fashion..

Firstly I would love to have much more diversity here where I live, diversity of shops where I can go, just because I really dislike the feeling that every shop has the same stuff. Of course I can shop online but I really like going into the shops and browsing through the shelves. Sometimes it feels like treasure hunting, it takes forever to find what I really like and I also have to look, really look so I will not miss anything. And there is also the fact that I think you need to touch it and feel the fabric and see the real color of it and then be able to try it to know if it is for you.. and where is the fun in shopping if you do just a few clicks?

But to get the diversity of shops I have to probably move somewhere else. OR maybe writing a few letters to different brands and maisons could help, writing something along the lines of ” please bring your brand into my town too.. thank so much ..”.. But somehow I doubt that ..


Secondly where are all the designers with their claims of bringing in sizes for the so called plus sized? DO all the people have the sizes from 32 to 36 EU size maximum? Do all people have the same body type and body shape? AND what does this say to all the young girls and women out there?

That you either have to lose weight and have the size from 32 to 36 to be able not only to shop but also to fit in? Or that you have to be among the select lucky few plus size models to be accepted? The body image this creates is not good, and even worse it is in a society where people promote the though of eveyone being different that diversity is good but at the same time saying that if you do not fit in the pants size 36 then it is too bad but you are just too different…

But the other side of this problem is not much better. There are people who want to promote the positive body image and somehow they promote the fact that being fat is good, because it does not make you less attractive and beautiful, especially if you accept that in this you are different. But the message this sends is as bad as the message that says that only the thinest of thinest are the attractive. Mind you I am saying this as person that by doctors or general public would be considered overweight or fat or obese (does not matter what you call it) or curvy at best.

Saying that being obese is as bad as saying that the way to being attractive is los


ing so much weight that one becomes a walking skeleton. Both have huge impact on your health. The positive body image for me starts with healthy body, as long as you feel and are healhty then you start to feel good even when you look at yourself. This is not
about sizes or looks but there should definitely be a bigger diversity in sizes because the fact that young girls cannot fit into pants or blouses or cannot find the right size will not help them with creating positive image of their bodies, it will get them into hospital with diagnose of eating disorder. But the same will happen if we will go on saying that being obese is good. Even worse are people who make career supposedly advocating body positivity but actually just making money but I would rather not talk about that, I could just end up ranting about how I hate this so better stay away, this is hard enough to articulate for me as it is ..

Trust me I know what I am saying, since I was a small child I was listening to doctors saying that my mum and I should keep check of not just my weight but also of what I eat not only because of the weight itself but because of what weight, cholesterol, sugar and salt can do to your heart and kidneys. No one wants diabetese, especially not me with my phobia of needles.

I am over weight, fat or obese, curvy at best the thing that I wish someone taught me or told me would not be that I should lose weight to look better or that I should eat this and

source:, project: allwomanproject

not this to lose weight but how much I should or could eat of everything, because even the healthiest things can become pain in your ass when you acquire intolerance to them due to consuming too much of it. And of course wider range of sizes could help too, since one would not feel so bad or out of place.. the older you are the harder it is to learn and break the old habbits..

No girl has it easy fat or skinny, because there are always expectations that we feel we need to fulfill and on both sides there will be hate and comments – one side gets the comments from people who hate fat people and anything that does not fit into the norm and the other side gets it from people who hate skinny people or who think that these people get everything easy… Too skinny or too fat neither is good, let´s  teach kids and people not just what is pretty or what they should eat but how much and not because they will be pretty but because it might help them be more healthier…

Let´s not make people question their beauty while admiring someone else´s, let´s make them question their health and the impact wrong eating habits have on it…

Let´s not create generations that think that their body is not beautiful just because it is too skinny or not skinny enough or too fat or not fat enough, let´s create a generation that loves their bodies and is mindful first of their health and then of their beauty..
































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