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In the chocolate mist

So after quite some time I had a time to cook.. and after some time I thought that it would be cool to share the experience here since, well part of this blog should be dedicated to the food and cooking …

Well if you can call making chocolate bonbons, or attempting to do so, cooking… I am not sure… it is not baking… maybe sweet makeing would do.. who knows…

Anyways a friend of mine will be having a wedding soon and I promised o help her, to cook or rather bake somethins such as red velvet cupcakes or make chocolate bonbons, put them into little bags for the guests as a kind of gift or something.

Well actaully th18199221_10206952934621314_7992317333004699594_ne bonbons were a kind of back up idea or plan, because it was near the exams and I was a little bit afraid that I will not have time to make the cupcakes later.. you know all the stress and fear of not getting through the exams early and quickly and all this stuff… and so I decided to make the bonbons ..

I know what zou are thinking.. “She was afraid of not being able to make the cupcakes and so she made bonbons before the exams? How does that make any sense? And were did she get the time to study for the exams if she was making chocolates??”

Well what can I say I am a super human while cooking I can look and read my notes or write essays, it is the superhuman ability of multitasking that everyone always talks about … Ehhh If only, reality is that during day I did what most students do before exams, study or write essays and during some evenings I did what most cooking enthusiasts do – cook.. well in my case heat the cream, melt the chocolate and let the cranberries soak in champagne ….

So the cooking here worked like de-stressing activity for me to clear my mind … and it was amazing to walk around with head in chocolate mist, and I swear that I could smell the chocolate even when I was not making the chcolates 😀  And making ganach is not as hard as I thought it would be, and so is not making the chocolates (especially if like mine they are not exactly perfect pretty.. at least not as perfect as I would want them to be ..)

I learned how to temper chocolate on youtube from Howcast video “How to temper chocolate”   and it is really easy and really delicious tasting and smelling process and when it comes to chocolate it is always fun 😀  And for the moulds I bought a silicone heart ones since I was worried that it would be hard to take out the heart chocolate from hard moulds and silicone is always easy to work with and easy to clean.. and I learned making the moulds again from or thanks to youtube and Howcast video ” How to pick the moulds

Maybe it is just me but this was really easy… but really maybe it is b18157757_10206947598767921_458540987909779051_necause I simply love chocolate in all its forms since it is tasty and amazing ingredient 😀  But when you have the mould you need something to fill them with and this is where the ganach comes into play (although I made mine before making the moulds but that is really up to you)

Well for the ganach I search many recipes and in the end I kind of put some together.

Cranberry Champagne Ganach (approxiamtely 45pcs)

180ml heavy whipping cream (the heavier the better 😀 look for one with high percentage of fat in it)

225g bitter sweet chocolate

45ml Champgne

30-50g dried Cranberries ( I think I added a little bit more that is why I am not entirely sure about the amount)

30g super fine sugar

White Chocolate Lime  ganache (approximately 40-45pcs)

400 g white chocolate

120g heavy whipping cream

1tbsp lemon zest

30g super fine sugar

Lavender Chocolate ganach (approximately 45pcs)

dried lavender suitable for cooking (which you will put into the cream heat it and when it is hot slowly and very carefuly strain the mixture so you have only the cream with the lavender taste and smell)

180g heavy cream

225-300g bittersweet chocolate

30g super fine chocolate

When you have these done let them sit and cool for a bit, however tasty and nice noone wants to be burned by hot chocolate 😀 and then you can happily start filling the mould but remember never fill them entirely leave some space free, because .. when you fill them you will put them into refrigerator to cool and then when you take them out you will pour the rest of the tempred chocolate over them to make the bottom so your ganache will stay in the chocolate mould… that is why you should not fill the moulds with the ganache entirely… then it will be hard to make the bottoms …

When taking them out also be careful they can be fragile and so you can end up like me with some flying around you in the air when all you wanted to do was just safely pop them out of the silicone mould 😀 and some breaking because you accidentaly used too much pressure 😀 Although that will give you excuse to eat some since you need to taste test the final product right ? 😀

And these are really pretty easy and really good I have to say.. at least judging by the fact that even my mum was secretly stealing one once in a while 😀 I had to really guard them 😀

This was an amazing experiment and experience for me I always wanted to try these and this was an amazing opportunity for me to finally do so 😀

I have been telling this to my friend that I have gained more from this than she will since all this chocolate making and red velvet cupcake baking was amazing experience and a lot of fun for me and opportunity to relax 😀

It might not be the most exciting thing that you can do but for me it is really fun and it brings me happiness whether I succeed in making the recipe or whether it goes down the drain it is always a new experience that teaches me a new technique or shows me new spices and mixtures 😀




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