Little Tea Time Writings

Excatly Exakta !

There is something extremely charming about mechanical cameras,not only these can be more enduring even in rain since you can simply dry them, which you can not do with electronic ones, or when they fall what breaks will likely be the glass parts, and if not any part can be substituted more easily, than in an electronic camera. But the charm comes from the nostalgic feeling they bring along with them, the feeling of the lost times, the era when internet was but a dream and when letters were still used and when TV was watched together by the whole family.

The charm is also in their sound it makes when you press the button to take a photo, and also the fact that you are limited by the film which has limited number of little windows, so you have to think more about what and how to photograph and also once you take the photo you can not simply put it in the compure and play with it to make it perfect… and there is also the way in which you have to develope the film (which I want to learn so badly)

This camera belonged to my granpa and we found it almost by chance and you could say e found it almost in an attic … and probably if it was not for me my family would have thrown it away and I think it would be pity… not only because of grandpa but because it is just beautiful and beautiful example and hand made work …

For me finding it and then getting it fixed was like second christmas I spent a lot of time just turning the lens and finding out how it works and for what is this or that thing for .. I felt really like a child who just got the best toy ever … and I really can not wait to use it and take the first pictures and then learn how to develop them..

I think that digital cameras are cool but I realised how much they do for you when you take the photo, not that you do not need skill and understanding for using digital camera, but using analogue one is I think much harder, you have no display to show you the photo and you have limited space on the film and you have no way to retouch the photo.. and there is the charm of developing the photo which puts you even closer to the material than printer…

But I shall see how much fun will this little girl will be 🙂


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