THE Cookin Monster

Jaming with Jams

Lately I have been seeing more and more rhubard in the stores and I was always tempted to buy it .. but there was always the question.. What to do with it? Of course you can bake a ca20170520_180658ke or something with it ..but in my family these are not favorite, of course we have them from time to time but we always eat only a few pieces, rarely the whole thing..

And so I looked up a few things… Apart from one nteresting recipe for cake and one with goat cheese (which I really need to try since I love goat cheese) I found a recipe for jam.. or marmelade?

I know there is a difference between jam and marmelade but well I guess for me it is one and the same thing its made with loads of sugar and loads of different fruits, one can have pieces of fruit the nother not …

And both are really easy to make .. it is just 1:1 of the main ingredients so you have 500g rhubard and 500g jam sugar (this is different sugar than the fine or caster one because it will make the jams jelly like 🙂 ) and then you can add ginger, or lemon or anything you would like or experiment with spices and other fruits and ingredients…

And it is really easy and surprising rhubard is really tasty… I thought that I never had it before but my mum and grenny reminded me that my granny used to make a rhubard cake when I was little kid but since we do not really eat them oft18620161_10207081866244524_3096009920184666887_nen and since my cousins do not like it she probably stopped .. Althought i have to say that it was kind of too sweet, so maybe I can try and make it a little bit less sweet somehow … or find other recipes …

The recipes recommended to use confectioners thermometr but my granny used to make a lot of marmelades and jams and she never used it, she just put the sugar with the fruits on the cooking stove on really small flame and low heat until the sugar melts and then cook until the fruits have softened enough.. I would say enough to your liking it is your jam so you can leave some pieces or you can leave them to cook until they are soft all..

I am planning on making this jam again and for the second try I am planning to cook half the fuit until its soft and jelly and add the rest into it later let it soften a bit and turn it off sooner so there are some whole pieces of the fruits… and then separate it into smaller jars so I can give some to other people to taste test or as a gift 🙂 and I want to try lemon one or orange too soon 🙂 although the zest is tricky since it often has a bitter taste and this can spoil the jam.. so I am hoping to post soon with other blog posts about my jaming adventures 🙂


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