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Jamming with Jams session two

SO I have been jaming with jams again.. This time I actually tried some combinations I came up with.. well there is a high possibility that these already exist – well I am 100% sure they exist… but


I just thought I could try some fruits and mix them with spices I like either because of taste or smell.

I love citruses and I love them in jams too, maybe except orange.. but I love lemon and so first I tried to make just lemon one to know how much sugar I will need to make the jam and also how much sugar to contrast the sour taste of lemon, but still keep a little of it.

Then I made one lemon with added ginger, which was absolutely amazing the taste of the ginger combined with lemon was absolutely amazing Β I absolutely loved it and I actually ended up eating one jar in like two or so weeks.

The next was rhubard again first I made just plain rhubard to know how it will turn out ans since I loved it ( no surprise since I love rhubard in desserts ) And so I desided to spice it up a little and also make it a little more christmasy and I added some cinamon and some nutmeg and also ginger…. and Oh my god it is just soooo good… Β it is spicy and christmasy ( kind of like Chai Latte) and I can really see myself sitting infront of TV during christmas and watching fairy tales and eating this right out of the jar.

The last was a lime one… it was kind of a dissapointment to me … not that I would hate the taste the thing is I love it but there is still the bitterness from the zest, since I cut it of the lime and cut it into pieces… the bitterness did not go away even though I cooked it maybe five times either in water or in water combined with sugar… But at least it is not so strong anymore and the zest is really soft and chewy even if a bit bitter…

Now I am thinking about what fruit I will try to use next time and what spices.. or maybe I could try to make some picles since I had them in sandwich and that was amazing too…

This is just a short update about my latest cooking experience or rather about the jaming sessions that I recently had …


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