Name: Cath

email: theartofcath@gmail.com

Instagram: @The_Cath_Art

porfolio: The CathFolio

About me:

I have bachelor from English and Arts and now I am studying my master degree in English language and Literature.

I have a certificate from photography workshop from NICOM and The Art Camp (International Summer Art Camp at University of West Bohemia).

I am an amateur artist, self taugh mostly. I paint, draw and take a lot of photographs. Lately I also started to write quite a bit (you can see that on my blog here). I love being creative and creating my own art and sharing it with world because what use it has if it is not shared with people.

I also hve a  PORTFOLIO TheCathFolio on WordPress which is dedicated to my photography and art (paintings, drawings etc.) mainly. From time to time I may publish there some of what I would maybe dare to call my poems. But main purpose of the portfolio is to present my visual art to you. The blog is mishmash of all that is me and that I like in hopefully presentable way 🙂

Here or on the contact page you can find my email or social media links where you can contact me or see more of what I do.




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