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Jamming with Jams session two

SO I have been jaming with jams again.. This time I actually tried some combinations I came up with.. well there is a high possibility that these already exist – well I am 100% sure they exist… but I just thought I could try some fruits and mix them with spices I like either because… Continue reading Jamming with Jams session two

THE Cookin Monster

Jaming with Jams

Lately I have been seeing more and more rhubard in the stores and I was always tempted to buy it .. but there was always the question.. What to do with it? Of course you can bake a cake or something with it ..but in my family these are not favorite, of course we have… Continue reading Jaming with Jams

Little Tea Time Writings

Excatly Exakta !

There is something extremely charming about mechanical cameras,not only these can be more enduring even in rain since you can simply dry them, which you can not do with electronic ones, or when they fall what breaks will likely be the glass parts, and if not any part can be substituted more easily, than in… Continue reading Excatly Exakta !

THE Cookin Monster

In the chocolate mist

So after quite some time I had a time to cook.. and after some time I thought that it would be cool to share the experience here since, well part of this blog should be dedicated to the food and cooking … Well if you can call making chocolate bonbons, or attempting to do so,… Continue reading In the chocolate mist

Miscellanous Bits n Pieces

 „Prison inmates were put in a room with nothing but a camera. I didn’t expect them to be so real“ na YouTube

A man wanted more power  A man made gun  A man used gun A man made change

Little Tea Time Writings

So I went shopping….

  So I went shopping, and as it lately often happens I was disappointed and  even angry. And made me thing about all kinds of things related to clothes and fashion.. Firstly I would love to have much more diversity here where I live, diversity of shops where I can go, just because I really… Continue reading So I went shopping….

Little Tea Time Writings · Miscellanous Bits n Pieces

The Wonderland of Planners and Bujos

I love YouTube who would not right? All  the possibilities it offers and all the things you can learn and all those diverse communities of beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers and food bloggers and travel vlogers and artists and journalers or journaling lovers and last but not least plannerholics. Plannerholics are people who are absolutely in… Continue reading The Wonderland of Planners and Bujos