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Raw and Vegan?

I have mostly seen vegan and raw as trend you know how someone starts to do something and others follow and then it seems like everyone who is something is vegan or raw  and basically all of internet is full of “day in life of vegan” or “what I ate today as vegan” and some… Continue reading Raw and Vegan?

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The Red G-String

When you are at university you would expect people to behave a bit more like adults even though you are living at dorms where it might not be calm and comfy all the time and even if inside your there is a small plazful child, but for some reason something or someone taught you that… Continue reading The Red G-String

Little Tea Time Writings

Like Alice but with no Wonderland

When I first came into this city I was disappointed… I have tried to see this city differently …

Little Tea Time Writings

Beth Brant’s „This is History“

This story may, at least to a westerner, seem like a story of native people about creation of the world, with the turtle representing the mother earth, the eagle representing the guiding and protecting spirit, Sky woman being the first person to walk earth and mother of human kind as she created the First Woman… Continue reading Beth Brant’s „This is History“

Little Tea Time Writings

Madeleine Thien „Simple Recipes“

“We are banana kids,” said one of my friends to me. If it came from anyone else I would have instantly thought that it is racist, but she is Czech-Vietnamese. Although it still sounded weird. She explained it to me, saying that it is because on the outside they still have yellow skin but inside… Continue reading Madeleine Thien „Simple Recipes“

Art of my Heart

Pilsen Busking Fest 2016

for more: @The_Cath_Art The CATHfolio

Little Tea Time Writings

I wandered as a cloud among buskers

” I wandered as a cloud among buskers” is actually a sort of literary essay that I wrote for one of my subjects. The teacher inspired me so much that I thought that I could publish it and I will try to keep writing simmilar things and thinking more as I wander around and write. I will try to communicate not just with my photos but also with my words…